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Inventory #976
Call NumberWK 5073/956
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family Name[anonymous]
Owner Name[anonymous]
Owner Notesgoods sold at request of Salomon Pietersz.
Life Dates1598 |d ?
Marriage Date1623/10/14; 1631/03/22
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationServices |a Innkeeper
Residenceuts. [ten huyse van Jan Dircx [van Beuningen] in Amsterdam]
Introductionuts. [5e september 1620] zyn ten versoecke van Salomon Pietersz. vercocht.
CommentarySalomon Pietersz. had goods (mostly paintings) sold on at least four other occasions (R 790, 850, 874 and 878). He seems to have been a painter and a dealer in paintings. In 1606, he lived in de Schildershant on the Rokin (Haarlem lottery, 95/17 F 714). The name of his house in de Schidershant suggests he may be identical with Salomon de Schilder who also caused some goods to be sold in 1620 (R 772 of Montias1). On 14 October 1623, Salomon Pietersz., painter, 25, no living parents, assisted by his sister Mayken Pieters, living in the Restraet, was betrothed to Mayken Miters, from Haarlem, widow of Jan Jansz. Tin (one year a widow), living in Outewael (DTB 428/219). On Jan Jansz. Tin, see the NOTES to R 28501. On 22 March 1631, Salomon Pietersz., from Amsterdam, painter, lving in Houtewael, was betrothed to Trijntje Heijndrix, 23, assisted by her aunt Bely Jacobs, living in the Breepadt. She was illiterate (DTB 437/124). He seems to have been the brother-in-law of the painter Adriaen Geurtsz. Bogaert. Salomon Pietersz. assisted his sister Geertgen Pieters upon her betrothal to Adriaen Geurtsz. on 25 January 1615 (Bredius, K√ľnstler-inventare, p. 2033.) On 24 September 1624, a notary insinuated various innkeepers, including Salomon Pietersz., at the request of Boudewijn Hackes, master of the tax on the three gulden, concerning the poor state of their business (slappe neringe) (NA 389, fol. 144). (It is by no means certain that the innkeeper was identical with the painter and occasional art dealer). On 16 March 1625, Solomon Pieter Pietersz., painter, and Maijke Mijters had their son Pieter baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Estranti Cornelisz. (DTB 6/110). On 9 December 1635, Salomon Pieter Pietersz. and Trijn Heindrics had their son Pieter baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Dirck Pietersz. and Sara Jelis (DTB 7/167). Dirck Pietersz., the witness to the above betrothal, may have been the painter Dirck Pietersz. Wittepaert. Dirck Pietersz. was the husband and guardian of Tuijntje Pieters, the daughter of the painter Pieter Pietersz., who in turn may have been the father of Salomon Pieter Pietersz. On 23 October 1629, Salomon Pietersz., living in the Houte Wael, declared that the inventory made after the death of his wife Maijke Jans (Mijters?) (goods held in common) was complete. The only works of art in this inventory were 8 portraits of the husband, the wife, and the children (INVNO 1312). On 3 September 1631, Grietge Gerrits, widow of Jan Jansz. Tin (perhaps of R 28501), assisted by her father and guardian Gerrit Pietersz., on one hand, and Griet Jans, wife of Willem Cornelisz., Tryn Symons, wife of Abraham Jansz., due to their respective husbands' absence, with Salomon Pietersz., their designated guardian, came to an agreement. Salomon Pietersz. was left 26 f. from the estate of the late Jan Jansz. Tin (NA 568, fol. 455, Not. Lamberti). On 10 November 1631, Salomon Pietersz. gave a procuration to his wife Trijntgen Hendricks to collect 9 f. 9 st. from Samuel Beijer in Rotterdam for two still lifes (bancket schilderijen) belonging to him (NA 913, fol. 181vo., Not. B. J. Verbeeck). On 9 December 1635, Salomon Pietersz. and Trijn Hendrix had their son Hendrick baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Dirck Pietersz. and Sara Jelis (DTB 7/67). He must have died before 19 November 1639 when Trijntje Hendriks, widow of Salomon Pietersz., was betrothed to Julius Andriessen (DTB 453/16).
NotaryJan Dircx van Beuningen
Total Value7 |d 9 st.
Art Value7 |d 9 st.
# of Items3
Montias1 #875
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderyen f 1:10:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 uts. [schilderyen] f 1:10:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] 1 banquet f 4:17:--
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