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Inventory  [Kina, Jacob (1613)]

Entryeen schilderij van een tooren f 8:--:--
Titleeen tooren
Value8.0 |t gulden
BuyerAdriaen Valckenier
Buyer FamilyValckenier, Adriaen
Buyer NotesThe buyer, Adriaen Valckenier, the son of Gillis Jansz. Valckenier and of Claertgen Pauw, was born on 19 August 1586 and died on 19 December 1654. He was first a dealer in spices (kruidenier). Later, in 1609, he became an outside receiver of the Wisselbank, in 1623 a suppost of the Bank van Lening. He was Kerckmeester of the Noorderkerck (1641). He married Weyntgen Jansdr. Veen in 1612, Weyntgen Jansdr. was the sister of Lysbeth Venen, the wife of Michiel Hoppesack of R 21592. He shared, along with Adriaen Veen and some others (listed in the notes to R 32388), in the estate left by Lenaert Lenaertsz. (WK 5073/889, 4 October 1619). In 1631, he paid a tax of 30 f., at which time he lived on the Singel (Kohier, fol. 55, p.14). Adriaen Valckenier was the brother of Dr. Wouter Valckenier of R 20402 (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 411). Adriaen Valckenier was only about 17 years old at the time of this sale (the exact date of which is unknown).
Buyer ReligionReformed/Calvinist
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale) |a Spices
Montias2 Record#27377

Entry1 schilderij van den winter f 11:--:--
Titlede winter
Value11.0 |t gulden
BuyerBartel Philipsz.
Buyer FamilyPhilipsz., Bartel
Buyer NotesOn 9 October 1599, Bartolomeus Phillipsz., stadtsspelman (city player), 24 years of age, assisted by his mother Tanneken Moens, was betrothed to Jannetje Jans, 25, living in the Pijlsteegh, assisted by her mother Trijn Cornelis (DTB 409/67). His year of birth (c. 1576) confirms that he is identical with the individual named Bartelt Philipsz., 36 years of age, who, on 17 November 1610, declared that he had been a medestander (co-guarantor, auxiliary) farmer of the excise tax on grain at least since 1604 (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven, 69(1929), p. 694). In 1614, he turned over the collection of the tax on candles and fats to a group of candlemakers and fatboilers (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 78(1933), p. 92). On 11 May 1604, Bartelt Filipsz., speelman, was cited as one of the share-owners with Jan Jansz. glass-engraver of R 31132, of the house in the Warmoesstraat called de Fonteyn des Levens. The house was sold in fee simple to Cornelis (van) Coeschot (I), copper beater (Kam, Waar was dat huis in de Warmoesstraat?, 1968, 37/18, p. 423). Later, in 1620, Cornelis van Coeschot I and his son Cornelis van Coeschot II started a company to refine sugar in Copenhagen (Poelwijk, In dienste vant suyckerbacken, pp. 98-9 and p.136). In 1623, Bartholomeus Philipsz. was paid 24 f. for delivering various music books to the city (Oud Holland 24(1906), p. 120.) On 29 August 1624, Mr. Adriaen Cornelisz. Brederode, 66 (the father of the poet Bredero of R 28859), Mr. Jan Sybrantsz. de Bont, 62 (cited in R 21228), Harman Dircksz. van de Colck, 61, and Bartelt Philipsz., 49, declared at the request of Hendrick Broen (of R 7618), Pieter Jacobsz. de Gooijer (cited in the NOTES to R 25443), Pieter van Luffele (of R 20008), Claes Corver (of R 8317), Gerrit Bas (of R 32418), Joachem Jansz. Scheepmaecker, and Jan Gerritsz. Verloorenarbeit, all merchants, that in the last 20 years, during various periods, they had been farmers of the tax and excise on wine and they had good knowledge that large quantities of wine which came from overseas (uijtter zee) were never subject to any gauging or other inconvenience (NA 389, fol. 70, film 6420). On 21 December 1634, Bartholomeus Philipsz. was said to be regisser van de Dolexcijs, which was apparently a tax on cattle sold (NA 1184, Not. J. de Vos). Philips Bartelsz., tax master for the weighing station (impostmeester van de waegh), who married Geesje Gerrits, whose death inventory was taken on 29 October 1638, may have been his son (NA 714, film 5149, fol. 313 and foll.) On 16 March 1637, Cornelia Dedels, wife of Jan Pietersz. Eeckhout, (cited in the NOTES to R 24922), 42, and Jan Rotman, (silk cloth dealer, cited in R 23002), 37, made a deposition at the request of Jannetje Jans, widow of Bartelt Philipsz. Cornelia Dedels stated that she lived in the house of the producent (Jannetje Jans), located in the Kalverstraet, formerly at the sign of the Wapen van Delft and now De gouwe Stock, which rented for 550 f. a year but no more (NA 991, fol.145, Not. J. Bosch). This was probably the house on the Calverstraet where Jan Pietersz. van Eeckhout had been living when he was betrothed to Cornelia Dedels on 4 February 1633 (Oud Holland 3(1885), p.141). Curiously enough, the house name was, again, called Wapen van Delft, when Cornelia Dedels was buried on 18 November 1660 (ibid.) In an act of 9 August 1638 concerning a payment to the weighing station for a load of cheese, the buyer was called Philips Bartelsz. Bilgenroot (NA 1186, fol. 37vo., Not. J. de Vos).
Buyer OccupationServices |a Perfomance
Montias2 Record#27378

Entry1 schilderij f 6:--:--
Value6.0 |t gulden
BuyerW[illem] Benningh
Buyer NotesOn the buyer, see R 27393.
Montias2 Record#27379

Entry1 koocke f 9:--:--
Value9.0 |t gulden
Montias2 Record#27334