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Schaef, Barent Henryckszen

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Inventory #149
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number482A, fol.227-234v, film no.4837
Purposeinventory of goods in marriage contract
Family NameSchaef
Owner NameSchaef, Barent Henryckszen
Owner Notesand his bride Aryaentge Klaes
Life Dates? |d 1635/12/14
Marriage Date1624
OccupationEmployee |a Admiralty, V.O.C., W.I.C.
IntroductionGoods brought to marriage by Barent Henryckzen Schaef and by Aryaentge Klaes
CommentaryOn 30 March 1624, Baerent Hendricksz. Schaef, widower of Eljsje Jans, capiteyn te water, from Deventer, living on the Princengracht, was betrothed to Adriaentge Claas, from Schorelle, widow of Claes Pietersz. Calff (two years a widow), living in the Rotterdamse Veer (DTB 429/62). Claes Pietersz. Calff, who owned a rope-making establishment, was the father of Marten Claesz. Calff of R 27400 of Montias2. On 3 February 1634, captain Barent Hendricksz. Schaeff bought a house on the Breestraet (NA 409). He was buried on 21 September 1635, as the following act makes clear. On 14 December 1635, Hector Poppers, gravemaker of the NZ Capelle, 53, and Jan Woutersz. Provoost of the Aalmoezeniers of Amsterdam, 61, declared at the request of the Aalmoezeniers (a charitable organization of the city) that on 21 September last Captain Schaeff was buried in the chapel in the Rockinstraet. The reason the deposition was drawn up was that a dispute had arisen as to whether the heirs of Captain Schaeff should pay the usual fine for burying a corpse after two o'clock in the afternoon, which fine was collected by the aelmoezeniers. The gravemaker and Provoost testified that the corpse was just a little away from the door when the hour had struck and the gate was shut (NA 1184, fol. 163, Not. Jan de Vos). On 5 October 1635, an inventory of the goods owned by Adriaentge Claes, widow of Captain Barent Hendricksz. Schaep, was drawn up at her request. None of the paintings with titles corresponded to those in the inventory of the goods brought to her marriage with Captain Schaeff in the present inventory (NA 412B, fol. 220 and foll., Not. Jacob and Nicolas Jacobsz.) On 28 February 1636, Johan van Blijvenburgh, advocaet, and executor of the testament of Captain Barent Schaeff gave a procuration to Marten Deym to represent him in a suit between the heirs of Captain Schaeff and his widow (NA 414A, fol. 175). On 4 July 1636, Ariaentge Claes, widow of Captain Barent Hendricksz. Schaeff, sold a ship to Captain Bitter van Reede (NA 414A, fol. 11). Barent Hendricksz. Schaef was the father of Hendrick Barentsz. Schaeff of INVNO 123 (R 30 of Montias1).
NotaryPalm Mathijs
# of Items40
Montias1 #65
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0016[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee conterfeijtsels: een van haer [Ariaentgen Claes] ende een van haer overleden man saliger
0016[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee conterfeijtsels een van haer ende een van haer overleden man saliger
0017 [ANONYMOUS] een tafereel met 2 dueren
0018 [ANONYMOUS] een banquet
0019 NES, JOHAN DIRCKSZ. VAN een cooken bijde [?] geschildert van Hans van Nes
0020 [ANONYMOUS] een banquetgen van oesters
0021 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van de onnoselheijt ende lijsticheijt
0022 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderyken van 5 sche[p]kens
0023 EEWOUTS, CLAES een banquetgen, geschildert van Claes Euwoutss
0024 [ANONYMOUS] een lantschapken
0025 [ANONYMOUS] een Abrams offerhande
0026 [ANONYMOUS] een conterfeijtsel van haer overleden schoonvader
0027 [ANONYMOUS] een cruyseficks
0028 [ANONYMOUS] een conterfeijtsel van haer dochterdochter Weijen Cornelis
0029 [ANONYMOUS] noch eenige schilderien aen schilders te goet, die hier gestelt werden per memorie
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