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Schonemans, Marritge

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Inventory #192
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number1266, act no. 11, film 1345
Family NameSchonemans
Owner NameSchonemans, Marritge
Owner Notesspinster
ResidenceIn de ronde Begijnhof, boven de beek, in Amsterdam
ReligionRoman Catholic
IntroductionInventaris van sekere meublen toebehorende Marritge Schonemans ongehoude dochter gemaeckt ten versoucke van Sr. Nicolaes Velt coopman alhier als last ende procuratie hebbende van de voors. Marritge Schonemans sijnde de voors. goederen bevonden ten respectyve plaetsen hier nae genomineert.
CommentaryMarritge Schonemans was the sister of Stijntje Schonemans, the wife of Claes Felt, cited in the INTRO. Claes Felt was one of the heirs of Jannetje Felt of INVNO 105. In 1643, Claes Felt, widower of Stijntje Schonemans, remarried with Maritje Coerten, the widow of the painter Pieter Dircxsz. Santvoort. For the post-mortem inventory of Maritje Coerten, see INVNO 371. On 29 July 1636, the eerbare Maria Schoonmans, passed a testament in which she made the following bequests: to her brother Claes Schonemans, 1000 f. (and to his children after him); to her sisters Cornelia and Stijntje, each 100 f. and no more (sonder meer); and to the eersame Outger Pietersz. Spiegel (of R 27584), 1000 f. (and also to his children in case of his decease). She added that Outger Pietersz. was discharged from all the guarantees (borgtochten) he had given in her favor. He was also named executor of her testament, which was passed in his house. She named Sijtge Sijmons, widow of Guilliaem Hendricksz., her goede bekende, as universal heir. Outger Pietersz. was named as the executor of her testament (NA 642, film 4953, Not. Sybrant Cornelissen, fol. 204-206). On 25 June 1638, Lysbeth Cornelis, spinster, living in the Ronde Bagijnhof, 45 years old, made a deposition at the request of Hendrick Schut, clock maker, as curator, along with Jan van Herenbergh, of the insolvent (desolate) estate of Maritgen Schoonemans, who had also lived in the Ronde Bagijnhof. She declared that, after Maritge Schoonemans had left her residence three days before Palm Sunday 1637, to the prejudice of her creditors, about 3 days before the following May in the same year, the wife of Claes Felten, being the sister of Maritge Schoonemans, came to the house (of Maritge Schoonemans) in the aforesaid Hoff, and, in several trips, took away the movable goods (inboel) of Maritge Schoonemans (NA 522, film 4861, Not. Westfrisius). The sister was of course Stijntje Schoonemans, the wife of Claes Felt. On 12 July 1638, Annetge Hessels, 69, widow of Martin Parijsz, declared at the request of Henrick Schut and Jan van Hardenburgh, as curators of the desolate estate of Maritge Schonemans, that they had been invited by Alexander Benyn and his wife Cornelia Schonemans to view a certain string of pearls which she (Maritge Schonemans) had asked to sell, which they did. Claes Felt had also been asked to sell some pearls for her (NA 992, film 1221, fol. 3). The cruycifix in de bedstede in the achtercamer is taken as evidence of Maritge Schonemans Roman Catholicism. On Claes Felt, of INVNO 371, see R 288 of Montias 1.
NotaryP. Barcman
# of Items47
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0016 [ANONYMOUS] een stene munnick
0017[a] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[b] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[c] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[d] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[e] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[f] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[g] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[h] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0017[i] [ANONYMOUS] negen Patres synde printen in ebben lysten
0018 [ANONYMOUS] meester Sijbrant, synde een print in een ebben lijst
0019 [ANONYMOUS] een cleen tafreeltge met deuren
0020 [ANONYMOUS] een conterfeijtsel van een kintge met een hontge
0021 [ANONYMOUS] een conterfeijtsel, sijnde een oude tronie
0022[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 vergulde albastre bordekens
0022[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 vergulde albastre bordekens
0023 [ANONYMOUS] een Lieve Vrouw in een ronde vergulde lijst
0024 [ANONYMOUS] een vergulde Lieve-Vrouwenbeelt
0025 [ANONYMOUS] een cleen printbordeke
0026 [ANONYMOUS] eenige papieren met geschilderde bloemen
0027[a] [ANONYMOUS] twe raempgens met borduursel
0027[b] [ANONYMOUS] twe raempgens met borduursel
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