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Pinel, Anthoni (de oude)

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Inventory #218
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberNA 191
Purposeinventory drawn up at the request of court-ordered curators of estate
Family NamePinel
Owner NamePinel, Anthoni (de oude)
Life Dates1593 |d ?
OccupationServices |a Broker, factor
ResidenceOp de Ramsloot in de verwerijen in Samson
Religionprobably Reformed
IntroductionInventaris van de goederen van Anthoni Pinel wonende op de verwerijen in Samson, beschreven bij mij Jan de Vos notaris ... ter presentie van de naergenoemde getuijgen ten versoecke ende bywesen van den eersamen Elias de Raet ende Jacob Vlack als by de Heeren van de Gerechte deser stede geordonneert curateurs over den boedel van de voors. Anthoni Pinel. Postscript: Aldus beschreven ende geinventariseert binnen Amsterdam den 23 April 1643.
CommentaryIt is not always possible to distinguish Anthony Pinel (or Panneel) de oude from his son (?) Anthony Panneel de jonge who was a witness to the inventory of Paulus Rammert on 12 October 1655 (INVNO 412 of R 412). Antony Pinel de oude, a sworn broker, was said to be 40 years old in a deposition dated 20 November 1635 (NA 695A, film 4981) and 44 years old in another deposition, concerning the prices of V.O.C. shares, in 1639 (NA 635B, film 4982). He was a schutter in the company of Dirck Theuling in 1639 (members of which were portrayed by Niclaes Elias (Pickenoy)) ( Oud Holland 4 (1886), p. 97). Anthony Pineel (surely de oude) was one of the heirs of his father-in-law Anthony Smijters (INVNO 619), who died about 1626 (Beck, Spiegel van mijn leven, p. 226). Anthony Pineel I may be the author, under the name A.M. Panneel, of the poem Ick laet, die haet, published in a collection of poems by various authors in 1622 ( Oud Holland, 1(1883), p. 69). He spent some time in the (East) Indies where his little daughter's portrait was said to have been painted (R 4869 of Montias2 of the present inventory). His presence in the East Indies is confirmed in the following deposition, dated 9 August 1634. On that date Hendrick Kerckeringh, 35, declared at the request of Anthony Pinel that, in the year 1630, he had gone to Banda as coopman (a title) and that the producent (Pinel) had arrived there with the jacht Medemblick, which was loaded with rice. The ship, leaking water, had been pumped, but some rice had been lost. The witness had also served on the ship Medemblick as opper hooft (NA 694B, film 4980, Not. J. Warnaerts). Anthony Pinel de jonge was first married to Sybrechje Rotgans. After the death of his first wife, he was betrothed to Catharina Romborch, assisted by her mother Hester Mathijs, on 9 July 1644 (DTB 460/481). Hester Mathijs (or Matthieu) was married to Pieter Romborch of R 29548 of Montias2. Elias de Raet II, one of the two curators of the estate, was the son of Elias de Raet I of R 28395 of Montias2. Jacob Vlack, the other curator, was the son of Dirck Vlack of R 21354 of Montias2.
NotaryJan de Vos
# of Items34
Montias1 #135
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0022 [ANONYMOUS] een groot stuck schildery van Abraham ende Sara metten engel
0023 SLABBAERT, KAREL een schildery van een out man die schildert in een ebben lyst van Slabbert
0024 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytgen sijnde een lantschapie in een vergulde lyst
0025 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van de stadt Amsterdam
0026 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van een bancketgen ende geschildert silverwerck in een ebbe lyst
0027[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee schilderytgens van't leven ende de doot in vergulde Italiaense lysten
0027[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee schilderytgens van't leven ende de doot in vergulde Italiaense lysten
0028 [ANONYMOUS] een cleijn Italiaens bordeltgen in een vergulde lyst
0029 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytgen sijnde een lantschap in een binnen lyst
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