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Cortdijck, Michiel Florisz.

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Inventory #252
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number1812
Purposedelivery of assets to a creditor ?
Family NameCortdijck
Owner NameCortdijck, Michiel Florisz.
Owner Notesgoods transferred to Frederick Vroom
Life Dates1598 |d 1667/01/19 |n Vroom
Marriage Date1644/12/24; 1636/11/23; 1651/09/10
Type of CeremonyPui; Pui
OccupationMerchant (largescale) |a Wine, brandy
IntroductionInventaris van alle de goederen die Michiel Florisz. Cortdijck ... gelevert heeft in handen ende de macht van Frederick Vroom best ... in de volgende huijsraet meubelen imboedel silverwerck ende ringen alles in gevolge van verbaele tuschen partyen laest ... van de hove van Hollandt opgericht in presentie ende ten overstaen van mijn A. Eggericx notaris....Postscript: Aldus gedaen ende geinventariseert en overgelevert desen 21-en januaris 1650 in presentie van Michiel Heusch (?) als getuyge ...
CommentaryOn 24 December 1644, Michiel Florisz. van Cordijck, from Haarlem, wine dealer, living on the Gelderskaij, was betrothed to Mainsgie Martens, living in Haarlem (DTB 678/26). Frederick Vroom, to whom the goods in this inventory had been handed over, was the painter of this name, the son of the marine painter Hendrick Vroom. A marine painting, which may have been by Hendrick or by Frederick Vroom, was recorded in the present inventory (R 8110 of Montias2). Frederick Vroom was born about 1598. He first married Anthonetta Hillebrants den Otter, the daughter of Hillebrand Florisz. den Otter, a wealthy R.C. merchant, lord of Vryenes on 23 November 1636 (see the NOTES to R 21538 of Montias2). Frederick Vroom spent some time in Amsterdam where he apparently jointly the painters' guild (he appraised the paintings of INVNO 269 with Pieter Codde in 1637). On 6 March 1637, the burgomasters considered a dispute that Frederick Vroom had with the widow Mr. Adriaen Wat. They decided that Vroom should complete (opmaecken) a painting before St. Jan's day and, this being done, the widow, will choose between the small piece and the new one. In case the parties cannot understand why the new one should be worth what it is supposed to, they will appear before the burgomasters so that they can be reconciled (Bredius, Künstler-inventare, p.285 of the Nachträge). On 18 June 1649, Frederick Vroom and Anthonetta Hillebrants drew up their testament. Anthonetta died, childless, on 8 December of the same year. On 19 August 1651, Frederick de Vroom, from Haarlem, widow of Anthonine de Otter, merchant, living op de Wael, was betrothed to Elisabeth van der Nun, in Haarlem (Pui) (Bredisu, ibid.) Their son Hendrick was born on 10 March 1654, their daughter Anthonia a few years later. Elisabeth van der Nun was buried on 19 January 1667, Frederick, on 16 September 1667, both in Haarlem. The inventory of their jointly held possessions, containing much jewelry and many attributed paintings, was taken on 20 March 1668. Since Hendrick had died in November 1667, the couple's only direct heir was the young Anthonia. A collatoral heir was Frederick's sister Cornelia Vroom, who was married to Cornelis Backer. Backer was Reformed/Calvinist. To keep any part of the inheritance out of his hands, Vroom had instituted a fidei commissie on behalf of Anthonia. Backer sued. Anthonia was finally forced to settle the suit in 1713. The inventory was published by Biesboer (Netherlandish Inventories; Collections of Paintings in Haarlem 1572-1745, 2001), together with some of the above bio-data (pp. 196-204). On 14 January 1670, Jacobus Vroom, painter, natural son of the late Frederick Vroom, wrote to the Burgomasters of Haarlem, that he would like to sell a garden and some parcels of land, although they are subject to a Fidei Commis. The heirs and guardians of the only surviving (legitimate) child, Anthonia Vroom, wife of Cornelis van der Meer) had been asked to give their consent. This had been granted but the heirs wanted to manage the proceeds of the sale themselves (Bredius, op.cit. p. 286 of the Nachträge).
NotaryA. Eggericx
# of Items40
Montias1 #220
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] een stuck schilderije van de geboorte Christi
0002 VROOM, FREDERICK een stuckje van Vroom van Raempoort
0003[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 stuckjes in een eijcke lijst
0003[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 stuckjes in een eijcke lijst
0004 [ANONYMOUS] een langwerpich stuck sijnde een bancket
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto stuck van scheepvaert
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een heel groot lantschap
0007 [ANONYMOUS] een stuck van de doopingh van de moorman
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een bancketje in een eycke lyst
0009 [ANONYMOUS] een cleijn conterfeijtsel in een eycken lyst
0010 [ANONYMOUS] een cleijn conterfeijstel van Cristus aen't cruijs
0011 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto [Cristus aen't cruijs] wat grooter
0012 [ANONYMOUS] een tronie met een eycke lyst
0013 [ANONYMOUS] een langwerpige winterstuck
0014 [ANONYMOUS] een geschuert bancquet stuck
0015 [ANONYMOUS] een ecce homo
0016 [ANONYMOUS] een groetenisse van Maria
0017 [ANONYMOUS] een stuck van een zevaert
0018 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto zeevaert
0019 [ANONYMOUS] noch een bancketstuckje
0020 [ANONYMOUS] een slapent mannetje
0021 [ANONYMOUS] een stuck met eenige beeltjes daer een op syn knien leijt
0022[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee geschildert tronien van man en vrouw
0022[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee geschildert tronien van man en vrouw
0023[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee visserytges met swarte lysten
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