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Cocqs, Maria

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Inventory #568
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/952
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NameCocqs
Owner NameCocqs, Maria
Owner Noteswidow of Hans Lenaerts
Life Dates1571 |d 1627 |n Maria Cocqs; 1570 |d 1624 |n Hans Lenaerts
Marriage Date1593/11/06
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationMerchant (largescale) |a Spices
ResidenceOpt Rokin over't Rotterdamme Veer in Amsterdam
IntroductionOp den 15en December 1627 zyn vercocht dese naervolgende goederen achtergelaten bij Maria Cocqs weduwe van Hans Lenaerts, ende dat voor contants gelt mits ... zes wercken dagh.
CommentaryThe late Hans Lenaerts was a spice merchant (cruidenier). On 6 November 1593, Hans Lenaertsz., from Cologne, 23 years old, assisted by his father Lenart Lenaertsz. (I), and by his uncle Carel Lendertsz. (I), was betrothed to Maria Cocq (signs Cocx), 22, assisted by her father Hendrick Cocq, living in the Halsteeg (DTB 404/436). On Hendrick (Jansz.) Cocq (Cock) I, see R 31811 of Montias2. According to Gelderblom (Zuid-nederlandse kooplieden, p. 306), Hans Lenaertsz. was originally from Luik (Liege) but grew up in Cologne and was first noted in Amsterdam in 1589. He invested 1800 f. in the first subscription for V.O.C. shares (Van Dillen, Het oudste aandeelhoudersregister, p. 228). Lenart Lenaertsz. I, who died about 1619, left a large estate (see the NOTES to R 32388 of Montias2). On 3 April 1599, Hans Lenerts insinuated Dirck Pieterssen van de Sande for failure to pay a bill of exchange for 100 Fl. pounds (Winkelman, Bronnen voor de geschiedenis van het Oostzeehandel, R.G.P., 178(1981), pp. 192-3). Carel Lendertsz. I was the father of the well-known Counter-Remonstrant Carel Lendertsz. II (see the notes to R 20173 in Montias2). On 12 August 1616, Gilles Weyts, son of Johan Weyts, from Strassburg, declared that he had been apprenticed for three years with Sr. Hans Lenaerts at a cost of 24 Flemish pounds (144 gulden) per year (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P., 78(1933), p. 171). On 12 June 1622, Hans Leneertsz., spices merchant, living on the Rockin in the Peperbael, bought a lot on the Keisersgracht, next to the Reestraet, for 3,000 f. He built on it a house which he called Saxenburch. He died in 1624. On 10 July 1627, the honorable Maria Cocx, widow of Hans Lenaertsz., spices merchant, assisted by her sons Lenart Lenartsz. (II) and Dirck Lenartsz., as the only aunt of Hendrick Jansz. Cock (II), her nephew, gave her consent to the latter's marriage with Susanna Barents (Beuns), despite the fact that he had not reached majority age, but in the light of his good comportment (NA 21S, fol.28vo, Not. Salomon Hendricx). Hendrick Jansz. Cock II, born about 1604, is believed to have been an otherwise unrecorded son of Jan Hendricksz. Cock, a brother of Maria Cocx (see the NOTES to R 24191), and a grandson of Hendrick Jansz. Cock I. Maria Cocx died in the same year 1627. On 13 January 1628, the heirs of Hans Lenaertsz. sold a house to David van Baerle (of R 20459 of Montias2 and INVNO 118) for 16,100 f. The house was later bought by Anthonij Thijsz. II and Magdalena Baltens (Van Eeghen in Maandblad Amstelodamum 57(1970), pp. 98-99). On 11 December 1627, just before the present sale took place, the Orphan Chamber had taken an inventory of the possessions the couple had owned in common (WK 5073/968, INVNO 5680). It contained portraits of the vader en moeder that were omitted from the sale. Otherwise the two inventories seem to dovetail. Hans Lenaaerts, beside the house he owned on the Rockin, also owned several houses on the Prinsengracht, near the Elandstraet. There is no evident family connection between Hans Lenaers, spices dealer, of the present inventory, and the hat maker and dealer Hans Lienertsz. (also called Hans Lenaertsz.), hat merchant, of INVNO 311.
NotaryG. Jacobs
Total Value10005 |d 6 stuivers
Art Value359 |d 2 stuivers
# of Items33
Montias1 #469
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderijtge van de voorsichtichheijt f 1: 8:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderijtge f 2: 1:--
0003[a] [ANONYMOUS] 3 schilderijtgens f 2:10:--
0003[b] [ANONYMOUS] 3 schilderijtgens f 2:10:--
0003[c] [ANONYMOUS] 3 schilderijtgens f 2:10:--
0004[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 scheepschilderijtgens f 4:--:--
0004[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 scheepschilderijtgens f 4:--:--
0005[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 uts.[scheepschilderijtgens] f 4:10:--
0005[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 uts.[scheepschilderijtgens] f 4:10:--
0006[a] [ANONYMOUS] uts.[scheepschilderijtgens] f 2:18:--
0006[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 uts.[scheepschilderijtgens] f 2:18:--
0007 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderijtgen van naecte vroutgens f 3: 6:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] 1 thiengeboden f 2:10:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschap f 7:--:--
0010 [ANONYMOUS] 1 boscagie met jacht f 4: 5:--
0011 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderije van Salomons eerste oordeel f 7:--;--
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 Neptunus f 6: 5:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschap: de historie van Philippus f 16:10:--
0014 [ANONYMOUS] 1 koocken met fruijten f 10:10:--
0015 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuckgen van de Samaritaen f 12:--:--
0016 [ANONYMOUS] 1 boerekermis f 18:10:--
0017 [ANONYMOUS] 1 scheepsschilderij f 5:--:--
0018 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschap f 15:--:--
0019 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschapgen f 14: 5:--
0020 [ANONYMOUS] 1 gebertchgen f 17: 5:--
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