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Rotkoert [Rocourt], Louis (de)

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Inventory #624
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/960
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NameRotkoert [Rocourt]
Owner NameRotkoert [Rocourt], Louis (de)
Life Dates? |d 1627/05/22
Marriage Dateunmarried
OccupationArtist |a Painter
ResidenceOp den Dam op den hoeck van de Veugelsteegh in Amsterdam
IntroductionOp huyden 22en juni 1627 zijn ten versoecke van d'erffgenamen van Louis Rotkoert vercocht dese naervolgende schilderijen.
CommentaryLouys de Rocourt, schilder ende handelaer in schilderijen, evaluated the paintings in an inventory in April 1624. His sister Leonora was married to Hans Honckelboers (or Onckelboers). He was born in Antwerp, joined the guild of St. Luke in his native city in 1599 and moved to Amsterdam shortly after 1616, where his sister Leonora already was living since 1602. He made his testament on 21 May 1627, whereby he left his sister Leonora 100 f. Other legatees were the children of Leonora, the children of his brother Hans residing in Antwerp, the children of his sister Magdalena and of his sisters Tanneken and Lysken. He left 90 f. to Mathijs Hals, the son of his late sister Adriaentge, as well as about 20 copper plates, provided he did not marry Lysbeth, the English maid, who had recently been living with Daniel Baarten. He died a bachelor soon thereafter (Bredius, K√ľnstler-inventare p.450). Bertram de Rocourt of INVNO 196 may have been his relative. Some 15 of the art works in Louis de Rocourt's death inventory (INVNO 5240) can be identified in the present auction sale. Several paintings in the death inventory, however, do not seem to have a counterpart in the auction, including a waterput van Hercules Seghers. Moreover, the four seasons of the year attributed in the inventory to Cocqueel seem to have been attributed to Jan Bruegel in the auction. Vier getijden van 't jaer van Breugel sold for the price of 414 f., which is more in line with the prices of Jan Bruegel's paintings than it is with those of the unknown Cocqueel. Wherever a painting in the auction was seen to correspond to a painting in the inventory, this correspondence has been noted in Montias2. The proceeds of the auction were remitted to family members of Rocourt living in Amsterdam, including his nephew, the art dealer Mathijs Hals, who was the son of Cornelis Hals and of Louis's sister Adriaentge Rocourt (Briels, Vlaamse schilders, 1997, p. 374).
NotaryGerrit Jacobsz. Haringh
Total Value2077 |d 6 st.
Art Value2077 |d 6 st.
# of Items140
Montias1 #524
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0004 [ANONYMOUS] no.27 1 pater met 1 mater f 7:10:--
0005 [ANONYMOUS] no.13 de slach van Senacherib [crossed out: slach van Scipio en Hanibal] f 7:10:--
0006 [ANONYMOUS] no.44 1 cleyn bancquetjen f 3:--:--
0007 [ANONYMOUS] no.44 1 uts. [ cleyn bancquetje] f 6:--:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] no.8 1 Susanna f 2:--:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] no.78 1 lantschapgen f 4:15:--
0010 [ANONYMOUS] no.19 1 wintertgen f 9:10:--
0011 [ANONYMOUS] no.17 Samaritaensche vrouwe ende Christus f 16: 5:--
0012 [ANONYMOUS] no.26 Salomons offrande f 7:10:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] no.11 1 bloempotge f 4:18:--
0014 [ANONYMOUS] no.10 1 uts. [bloempotge] f 5: 2:--
0015 [ANONYMOUS] no.6 den jongen Tobias f 3:15:--
0016 [ANONYMOUS] no.36 1 affsetten van rovers f 35:--:__
0017 [ANONYMOUS] no.35 1 uts. [schilderij ?] veltslagh f 41:--:--
0018 [ANONYMOUS] no.32 de toren van Babilen f 22:--:--
0019 [ANONYMOUS] no.81 een koocken f 17:10:--
0020 [ANONYMOUS] no.75 1 vos en kat f 14:--:--
0021 [ANONYMOUS] no.34 1 bloempoth f 41:--:--
0022 [ANONYMOUS] no.45 1 wintertgen f 17:--:--
0023 [ANONYMOUS] no.41 1 paradijs f 20:--:--
0024 [ANONYMOUS] no.9 een bancketgen f 8:15:--
0025 [ANONYMOUS] no.67 1 bloempotgen f 78:--:--
0026 CONINCXLOO, GILLIS VAN no.43 1 lantschap van Coninxloo f 38:--:--
0027 [ANONYMOUS] no.76 verkeerde werrelt f 63:--:--
0028[a] BRUEGEL, JAN (I) no.85,87,88,89 vier getijden van 't jaer van Breugel f 414:--:--
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