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Pulleus, Petrus

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Inventory #630
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/960
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NamePulleus
Owner NamePulleus, Petrus
Owner Notesgoods sold at request of Hendrick Lourisz. and Lourens de Groot, as guardians over the two children left by Pulleus.
Life Dates?|d 1629/08/?
OccupationLiberal profession |a Preacher
ResidenceOp 't Gasthuijs hoff in Amsterdam.
IntroductionDen 4en december 1629 zijn ten versoecke van Hendrick Lourisz. ende Lourens de Groot vercoren als vooghden van de twee naegelatene kinderen van Petrus Pulleus in zijn leven predicant alhier ende Aeltge Emmes vercocht dese naervolgende goederen.
CommentaryPetrus Pulleus was predikant in Amstelveen in 1608. He was named predikant in Amsterdam on 25 May 1626. He was married to Aeltge Ymes (of R 23786 of Montias2) who survived him. He died in August 1629. Lourens de Groot (or de Groote), one of the two guardians of Pulleus's children, was a wealthy merchant who invested 9000 f. in V.O.C. shares. Born in Antwerp circa 1563, he first settled in Middelburg, then in Amsterdam, where he was still living when he married Johanna Le Maire (betrothal, 2 January 1597. He was 33, she 20. She was assisted by her mother Susanna le Maire and her stepfather Jaques de Willem. His nephew, named Pieter van Pulle, must be related to the predicant Petrus Pulleus. Hendrick Laurensz. or Laurentius (1588-1649), the second guardian, was a well-known publisher and printer, the brother of the predikant Jacobus Laurentius who bought at the present auction (R 23781). The portraits of Salomon le Maire, Pieter le Maire, and Susanneken le Maire were recorded in the estate of Johannes le Maire of INVNO 1170. On 1 November 1609 Petrus Pelleus married Grietge Tijmes (1589-1629) and, after her death, Grietge Claes Visscher (1590-1645), the daughter of the printmaker Claes Jansz. Visscher (Dudok van Heel in Jaarboek Amstelodamum 80(1988), p. 33). Visscher Laurentius was portrayed by J. Backer as Lieutenant in the company of Cornelis de Graaff in 1642.
NotaryJan D. van Beuningen
Total Value1402 |d 2 st. 6 pen.
Art Value138 |d 15 st.
# of Items21
Montias1 #530
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] 1 oude prins ende princes f 2: 8:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 coningh ende koningin van Bohemen f 2: 7:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] 1 prins Hendrick, zyn princes ende prins Maurits f 3:17:--
0004 [ANONYMOUS] 1 graeff Ernst ende Piet Heyn f 2:13:--
0005 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij scheep f 2: 5:--
0006 [ANONYMOUS] 1 onweder f 3:14:--
0007 [ANONYMOUS] 1 Amsterdam schilderij f 10:15:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] 1 strant schilderij f 12: 5:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] 1 scheep schilderij f 1: 7:--
0010 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschap f 2:14:--
0011 [ANONYMOUS] 1 bancquet f 4:10:--
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 van Orpheus f 20: 5:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] 1 roverij f 16:15:--
0014 [ANONYMOUS] 1 albasterde bort met een lyst f 4: 5:--
0015 [ANONYMOUS] 1 oude Prins f 18:10:--
0016[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 bloemantgens schilderij f 3:10:--
0016[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 bloemantgens schilderij f 3:10:--
0017 [ANONYMOUS] 1 bancquet f 3:--:--
0018 [ANONYMOUS] 1 nimphen jacht f 7:--:--
0019 [ANONYMOUS] 1 jacht schilderij f 10:--:--
0020 [ANONYMOUS] 1 prins Maurits f 6:10:--
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