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Commelijn, Jan

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Inventory #649
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/949
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NameCommelijn
Owner NameCommelijn, Jan
Owner Notesand his wife Trijn Jans Valconiers
Life Dates1548 |d 1615 |n Commelijn; 1560 |d 1621 |n Valconiers
Marriage Date1582/10/07
OccupationRetail merchant |a Book dealer
ResidenceIn de Meulensteegh in Amsterdam
IntroductionOp den 24 januarij 1623 zijn vercocht de nagelaten goederen van Jan Commelijn ende Trijn Jans Valconiers zyne huysvrouw ende dat voor gereet gelt mits.... zes weecken.
CommentaryThis auction was held several years after the book dealer Jan Commelijn and his second wife Trijn Jansdr. Falconiers (Valckeniers) had already died (resp. in August 1615 and May 1621)(Elias, Vroedschap, p. 570). Jan Commelijn was a merchant and book dealer, originally from Brussels, who was first noted in Amsterdam in 1602 (Gelderblom, Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden, p. 298). On 23 July 1621, the masters of the Orphan Chamber named Cornelis Jansz. Valckenier of R 26517 of Montias2 (the brother of Trijn Jans Valckenier); Mr. Wouter Valckenier; Daniel du Gardyn (the cousin); and Frans Martensz. tinsmith, the brother-in-law, as guardians over the children of Catherina Valckeniers, the widow of Jan Commelijn (WK 5073/513, fol. 186). On 24 September 1621, the Orphan Chamber had had an inventory drawn up of the possessions of the late Catharina Valckeniers, widow of Jan Commelyn, in the presence of Cornelis Jansz. Valckenier, Daniel du Gardyn, and Frans Martsz. (WK 5073/968). This inventory (INVNO 1144) contained more works of art than did the present auction sale. The only common items in the two inventories were a large map, a water color, and a coat-of-arms. The other items in INVNO 1144 were probably sold privately. Commelijn (or Kommelijn) was an important book dealer in the Molensteeg. He was Regent of the St. Pietersgasthuis in 1594 and paymaster of the soldiers in Amsterdam in 1608 (Elias, Vroedschap, pp. 570). Confusion is possible between this Jan Commelijn and an individual of the same name who died shortly before 8 September 1605 when Jacob Adriaensz. van Neck was appointed as the guardian of his son procreated by Neeltgen Coppits (WK 5073/513, fol. 124). The first was first perhaps Jan's son, Jan Jansz. Commelijn, who was also a book dealer. The following document, however, refers to the owner of the goods in this inventory. On 21 May 1584, Jan Kommelijn, koopman, and his wife Trijn Jans, had their child Willem baptized in the O.K. The witness was Marrj Jans (DTB 1/229). Marrj Jans is presumed identical with Mary Jans, the wife of Jan Jelisz. (or Gillisz) Valckenier, the mother of Trijn Valckenier. Trijn Jans Valckeniers, after the death of her husband, continued to operate the family's bookselling business. She delivered Latin books to the city in 1617 and various bound books in 1620 (Oud Holland 24(1906), pp. 117 and 119).
NotaryGerrit Jacobsz. Harinck
Total Value2087 g. 11 st. 8 pen.
Art Value21 |d 12 st.
# of Items7
Montias1 #548
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] 1 groote caert f -:14:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 caert f 1:--:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij waterverff f 1:12:--
0004 [ANONYMOUS] 1 wapen van Valconier f 4:10:--
0005 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij van de rechte schaepstael f 11: 5:--
0006[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijtgens f 2:11--
0006[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijtgens f 2:11--
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