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Rombouts, Jacques (I)

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Inventory #727
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/943
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NameRombouts
Owner NameRombouts, Jacques (I)
Life Dates? |d 1608/12/10
OccupationMerchant (largescale); Services |a Insurer
ResidenceBy de verwerijen in Amsterdam
IntroductionOp den 24 marty 1609 zyn ter ordonnacie van de heeren weesmeesteren vercoft de goederen achtergelaten by Jacques Rombouts. Postscript: De penningen ... betaelt aen Hans Rombouts.
CommentaryThe owner of the goods sold at this sale is probably the merchant and insurer Jacques Rombouts (I) who was married to Anna de Wilde, even though the date of death reported by one of Jacques Rombouts's descendants was reported to be 1612 and not 10 December 1608 (see below), which is consistent with the date of this sale. (On the apparently erroneous date of death of Jacques Rombouts I, see Nederlandsche Leeuw, 42(1924), col. 211). Jacques Rombouts I was cited as an assuradeur in a document of 12 June 1596 (Winkelman, Bronnen voor de geschiedenis van het Oostzeehandel, R.G.P., 178(1981), p. 76). He must not be confused with his son Jacques Jacquesz. Rombouts or with Jacob Jacobsz. Rombouts (1581-1626), the son of Rombout Jacobsz. I (1550-1629). It was perhaps the latter, whose name was given as Jacob Rombouts, who assisted the painter and future schout Jan Tengnagel upon his betrothal to Meijnsgen Simonsdr., the daughter of Symon Jansz. Pynas on 19 November 1611 (Oud Holland 1(1883), p. 197). Jacob (or Jacques) Jacobsz. Rombouts, who bought lots in the Haarlem lottery in 1606, is probably identical with Jacob Jacobsz. Rombouts, cited above. It was apparently Jacob Jacobsz. Rombouts who was buried on 12 October 1626 (DTB 1054/27). The widow of Jacques Rombouts and his son (probably Jacques Rombouts III), living on the Singel, paid a tax of 300 f. in 1631 (Kohier, fol. 13, p. 4). There is little doubt, in any case, that Jacques Rombouts I and Hans Rombouts, who were both born in Antwerp, were the sons of Willem Rombouts and Catharina Regers (Nederlandsche Leeuw 42(1924), col. 211-213). On 26 March 1596, the merchant Jacques Rombouts and his wife Anna de Wilde had their child Catrijna baptized in the presence of Tanneken Mens (or Moens) (DTB 38/90). Tanneken Moens was the mother of Bartel Philipsz. of R 27378 of Montias2. On 12 November 1599, Jacques Rombouts, koopman, (I?), and his wife Tanneken Rombouts (identical with Anna de Wilde ?) had their son Geeliaemen baptized in the presence of Cathalijna Rombouts (DTB 3/209). Jacques Roemboeutsen (Rombouts) was buried on 10 December 1608 (DTB 1053/92). Cathalina Rombouts, the sister of Jacques (I) and Hans Rombouts, was married, first, to Pieter Walraven and, second, to Adriaen Vierendeel. Hans Rombouts (of INVNO 200), the brother of Jacques Rombouts I, who received the proceeds of this sale, bought works of art in it (R 30032). The children of Jacques Rombouts I were Catharina (baptism cited above, died in 1661), who married Dirck van Wissel[t] (of R 20620); Maerten; Willem (probably the same as Geeliaemen, baptized in 1599); Jacob (or Jacques ?) already cited, who married Gertruyd Arminius; and Hans, cannunick in Utrecht, who died a bachelor (on the Rombouts genealogy, see Nederlandsche Leeuw, op. cit.)
NotaryG. Jacobs
Total Value5305 |d 12 st. 4 pen.
Art Value1548 |d 17 st.
# of Items49
Montias1 #628
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 bortges f -:15:--
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 bortges f -:15:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 kaert f 4:--:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] 1 geschreven bortge f 1: 2:--
0004 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery van Loth f 1:16:--
0005 [ANONYMOUS] 1 geschreven bortgen f 1:16:--
0006 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 7: 5:--
0007 [ANONYMOUS] 1 bortgen f 1:13:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 7: 5:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] 1 Oostindisches schild [crossed out: stuck schildery] f 7:10:--
0010 [ANONYMOUS] 1 koockenbortje f 58: 5:--
0011 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery Bachus f 8:--:--
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 11: 5:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 10:--:--
0014 [ANONYMOUS] 1 bloempot f 25:10:--
0015 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 9:10:--
0016 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 9:10:--
0017 [ANONYMOUS] 1 wintertgen f 20:--:--
0018 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 2:--:--
0019 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 21:--:--
0020 [ANONYMOUS] 1 kockenbort f 18:--:--
0021 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 4: 5:--
0022 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schildery f 31:--:--
0023 [ANONYMOUS] 1 bloempotgen f 42:--:--
0024 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschap bort f 44:10:--
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