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Belten, Pieter (de oude)

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Inventory #980
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberNA 5075, fol. 713-728, film 6547
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameBelten
Owner NameBelten, Pieter (de oude)
Life Dates1565 |d 1626
OccupationMerchant (largescale)
ResidenceSt. Anthonijs Breestraet in Amsterdam
IntroductionInventaris ende specificatie van allen de goederen nagelaten bij zaliger Pieter Belten in sijn leven coopman ende burger deser Stede Amstelredamme zulx his die metter dood ontruijmt ende nagelaten heeft. Postscript: Aldus geinventariseert in Amstelredamme inden sterfuijse vande voorschreven zaliger Pieter Belten gestaen op de breestraet desen 26 ende 27 november 1626 ten versoecke ende bijwesen vanden Edele Seigneurs Hendrick Voets, Antonie Thijsz., Jacob Belten ende Pieter Belten mannen van goeden geloove, etc..
CommentaryPieter Belten de oude was born in Antwerp in 1565 and died in Amsterdam in 1626. He was married, first, to Levina Caluwart Simons (1566-1612) and, second, to Maria van Goesbergen. He was one of the firt directors of the Westindische Compagnie. He lived in a house in the St. Anthonijbreestraat near the St. Anthonijsluijs, which he had bought from Hans van der Voort (I), the brother of the painter of the painter Cornelis van der Voort. This house was bought by Rembrandt in 1639. His son Pieter Belten de jonge (1606-1639) married Constantia Coymans in 1627. On 16 February 1634, Hendrick Voet, Pieter Belten (de jonge) (the son of Pieter Belten de oude), together as the nearest relatives and guardians over Johannes, 7 years old, the son by his second marriage (naesoon) of Pieter Belten (de oude) with was Maria van Goesbergen, declared before the Orphan Chamber that he (Johannes) was entitled to 36,000 f. for his mother's inheritance (WK 5073/789). On 22 February 1627, Anthonie Thijsz. (cited in the INTRO), widower of Elisabeth Bachers (the daugher of Andreas Bacher), 32 years old, assisted by his uncle Anthonius Thyskens, professor of theology at Leyden University, living on the Breestraet, was betrothed to Magdalena Baltes, from Amsterdam, 27 years old, assisted by Pieter Belten de oude (DTB 432/66). On the baptisms of the couple's children, see the NOTES to R 987. After Anthony's death, she remarried with Anthony's cousin Christoffel Thijsz. in 1634. On 19 August 1635, the newly married couple had their son Christoffel baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Pieter Beltens (de jonge) (DTB 41/395). On 25 October 1637, their son, again named Cristoffel, was baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Samuel de Bacher (the son of Andreas de Bacher) (DTB 42/49). Magdalena Beltens and Christoffel Thijsz. sold the house on the Breestraet to Rembrandt on 5 January 1639 (Dudok van Heel in Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis 97/1-2, pp. 7-9.) On Hendrick Voet, see R 20357 of Montias2.
NotaryL. Heylinck
# of Items23
Montias1 #879
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] tconterfeijtsel van Levina Caluwaert met haer twee kinderen
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij vande herders op de velden
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een vrouwe tronije
0004 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van Emaus
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een kaertgen vande 17 provintien
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij daer Petrus op de Seen tot Christum gaet
0007 [ANONYMOUS] Philippus in hout gesneden
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een bloemkorfgen
0009 [ANONYMOUS] een contrefeijtsel van Mauritius
0010 [ANONYMOUS] een groot landschap ofte bosschagie
0011[a] [ANONYMOUS] twe grote perspective schilderijen
0011[b] [ANONYMOUS] twe grote perspective schilderijen
0012 [ANONYMOUS] een cleijn perspectijfgen
0013[a] [ANONYMOUS] drie landschappen
0013[b] [ANONYMOUS] drie landschappen
0013[c] [ANONYMOUS] drie landschappen
0014[a] [ANONYMOUS] drie groote stucken schilderij landschappen
0014[b] [ANONYMOUS] drie groote stucken schilderij landschappen
0014[c] [ANONYMOUS] drie groote stucken schilderij landschappen
0015 [ANONYMOUS] een stuck schilderij van Icarus
0016 [ANONYMOUS] noch een landschap
0017 [ANONYMOUS] een triump schilderijtgen van David
0018 [ANONYMOUS] Venetien in een ebben lijstgen
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