Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Abadía, Juan de la

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Alternate Abadía the Elder, Juan de la
Alternate Almudévar Master
Alternate De la Abadía, Juan
Alternate La Abadía, Juan de
Alternate Master of Almudévar
L.C. NameAbadía, Juan de la, active 1473-1496
NotesMany works of this artist were given to the Master of Almudévar until Arco [y Garay] (1945) identified him as Juan de la Abadía. Balaguer (1953) determined that the artist died in 1498 and that later documents refer to a son of the same name. On the basis of style, Gudiol [Ricart] (1971) suggested that the father was active as early as c.1455.
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