Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Llorente Germán, Bernardo

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Alternate Germán (y) Llorente, Bernardo
Alternate Germán, Bernardo Llorente*
Alternate Llorente
Alternate Llorente, Bernardo
Alternate Llorente, Bernardo Germán (de)
Alternate Lorente (y) Germán, Bernardo
Alternate Lorente Germán, Bernardo Luis
Alternate Lorente, Bernardo Germán
Alternate Lorente, Bernardo Luis
L.C. NameLorente Germán, Bernardo, 1680-1759
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CreatedJRV |D 1991 05 31 |T 12:04:51
CreatedJRV |D 1991 05 31 |T 12:04:51
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