Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Gutiérrez Solana, José

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Alternate Gutiérrez Solana
Alternate Gutiérrez Solana y Gutiérrez Solana, José
Alternate Gutiérrez Solana, J.
Alternate Gutiérrez Solana, José Romano
Alternate Gutiérrez-Solana y Gutiérrez-Solana, José Romano
Alternate Solana
Alternate Solana, J.
Alternate Solana, J.G.
Alternate Solana, José Gutiérrez
L.C. NameGutiérrez-Solana, José, 1886-1945
Region(s)Madrid; Santander
MediaPainter and printmaker
NotesAlso known as an author.
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CreatedSCR |D 1991 08 02 |T 09:37:41
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