Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Greco, El

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Alternate El Greco
Alternate Grec, Le
Alternate Greco
Alternate Greco, Domenico (or Dominico)
Alternate Greco, Il
Alternate Griego, El
Alternate Tehocopopuli
Alternate Teoscopoli
Alternate Teotocópuli
Alternate Teotocópuli, Dominico Greco
Alternate Teotopopuli
Alternate Teotopuli, Domjnjeo
Alternate Theocopoli
Alternate Theocópuli, Domenico
Alternate Theopoli
Alternate Theoscopoli, Domenico
Alternate Theotocopolo
Alternate Theotocopopulos, Domenico
Alternate Theotocopoulis, Domenicos
Alternate Theotocopoulos, Doménico (or Domenicos, or Domenikos)
Alternate Theotocópuli
Alternate Theotocópuli, Doménico (or Domenicos, or Domenikos, or Domingo de, or Dominico)
Alternate Theotocópuli, Dominico, griego
Alternate Theotocopulo
Alternate Theotocopuly
Alternate Theotokopoli
Alternate Theotokopolis
Alternate Theotokopolous, Domenikos
Alternate Theotokópoulos, Domenicos (or Doménikos)
Alternate Theotokopuli, Domenico
Alternate Theotorotoli
Alternate Theotoskopoli
Alternate Thoepotuli, Dom
Alternate Zeotokópoulos, Doménikos
L.C. NameGreco, 1541?-1614
MediaPainter, architect, and sculptor
NotesBorn in Crete, moved c.1577 to Spain where he died.
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