Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary


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Alternate Baçó, Jacomart
Alternate Bacó, Jaime (or Jaume)
Alternate Baçó, Jaime (or Jaume)
Alternate Baquo, Jacobi
Alternate Basó Jacomart, Jaime
Alternate Basó, Jacomart
Alternate Basó, Jaime
Alternate Jacomart, Jaime
Alternate Jacomart, Jaime (or Jaume) Baçó
Alternate Jacomart, Master
Alternate Jacoment, Jaime Bacó
Alternate Jacopo da Valenza
Alternate Jacopo Valentino
Alternate Jaime de Valencia
Alternate Jaume el Valenciano
L.C. NameBaçó, Jacomart, approximately 1412-1461
MediaPainter and gilder
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