Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Helle, Isaac (or Isaak, or Izaak) de

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Alternate Delhel, Izaak
Alternate Hel, Izaak de
Alternate Hèle, Isaak (or Izaak) de (or de la, or del)
Alternate Hell, Izaak de
Alternate Helle, Isac (or Isar, or Ysaque) de (or del)
L.C. NameHelle, Isaac de, 1536-1594
MediaPainter, gilder and sculptor.
NotesBorn in Antwerp; lived in Spain from 1562 until his death.
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CreatedIR |D 1993 06 07 |T 16:12:56
CreatedIR |D 1993 06 07 |T 16:12:56
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