Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Imberto III, Juan

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Alternate Imberto II, Juan
Alternate Imberto the Younger, Juan
Alternate Imberto, Juan (de)
Alternate Imberto, Juan III
Alternate Inberto, Juan
L.C. NameImberto, Juan, III, 1584-
NotesTwo families of sculptors sharing the same family name and with overlapping op. dates are known. One family was active in Navarre; the other in Segovia. Some authors refer to a Juan Imberto, doc.1606-1622, active in Valladolid. It is unclear whether these references refer to Juan Imberto III, n.1584-doc.1642, or to Juan Imberto, doc.1614-m.1626.
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CreatedDMR |D 1993 07 09 |T 11:25:45
CreatedDMR |D 1993 07 09 |T 11:25:45
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