Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Valdés Leal, Juan de

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Alternate De Valdés Leal, Juan
Alternate Leal, Juan de Valdés
Alternate Nisa y Leal Valdés, Juan de
Alternate Nisa y Valdés Leal, Juan de
Alternate Nisa y Valdés, Juan de
Alternate Valdés Leal
Alternate Valdés Leal Niza, Juan de
Alternate Valdés Leal, Juan de Nisa y
Alternate Valdés Nica Leal, Juan de
Alternate Valdés Nica, Juan de
Alternate Valdés Nisa Leal, Juan de
Alternate Valdés Niza Leal, Juan de
Alternate Valdés, Juan de
L.C. NameValdés Leal, Juan de, 1622-1690
MediaPainter and printmaker
NotesDespite Palomino's statement that this artist was also an architect, no evidence of such activity is known.
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