Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Jacobo Florentino

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Alternate Fiorentino, Jacopo
Alternate Florentín, Jacobo
Alternate Florentín, Jacobo, el Indaco
Alternate Florentín, Master Jacobo
Alternate Florentino, Jacobo (or Jacopo)
Alternate Florentino, Jacobo, el Indaco Viejo
Alternate Florentino, Jacopo, el Indaco
Alternate Florentino, Master Jacome
Alternate Iácopo l' Indaco
Alternate Iacopo, Indaco vecchio
Alternate Indaco Vecchio, (El or L')
Alternate Indaco Vecchio, Jacobo, El
Alternate Indaco, El (or L')
Alternate Indaco, Jacobo (or Jacopo) dell'
Alternate Indaco, Jacobo, el
Alternate Jacobo el Indaco
Alternate Jacobo Fiorentín
Alternate Jacobo Fiorentino
Alternate Jacobo Florentín
Alternate Jacopo da Firenze
Alternate Jacopo dell'Indaco
Alternate Torni Florentino, Jacopo
Alternate Torni, Jacobo (or Jacopo)
Alternate Torni, Jacobo (or Jacopo), El (or L') Indaco
Alternate Torni, Jacopo, el (or l') Indaco Vecchio
L.C. NameTorni, Jacopo, 1476-1526
MediaArchitect, painter, and sculptor
NotesBorn in Italy; in Spain from 1519? or 1520, until his death.
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