Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Macip, Vicente (or Vicent)

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Alternate Joan Maçip, Vicente
Alternate Macip I, Vicente
Alternate Macip Navarro, Vicente
Alternate Macip the Elder, Vicente
Alternate Maçip the Elder, Vicente
Alternate Macip, Juan Vicente
Alternate Maçip, Vicente
Alternate Macip, Vicente Juan
Alternate Masip I, Vicente
Alternate Masip the Elder, Vicente
Alternate Masip, Juan Vicente
Alternate Masip, Vicente
Alternate Masip, Vicente Juan
Alternate Master of Cabanyes
Alternate Master of Cavanyes
Alternate Navarro, Vicente Macip*
L.C. NameMaçip, Vicente, 1474 or 1475-1550
NotesDo not confuse with his son Juan de Juanes, n.c.1510-m.1579, both also known as Vicente Juan Macip or Masip, or Vicente Macip Navarro; or with his grandson Vicente Juan Maçip the Younger, n.c.1555-m.p.1606, both also known as Vicente Macip or Maçip, or as Vicente Juan Macip or Masip.
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CreatedMLH |D 1994 06 21 |T 16:47:08
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