Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Ribera, José (or Josef, or Jusepe) de

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Alternate Cucó, José Ribera*
Alternate Espagnolet
Alternate Españoleto, El
Alternate Ribera
Alternate Ribera Cucó, José
Alternate Ribera, el (or il) Españoleto, José (or Jusepe) de
Alternate Ribera, Giuseppe (de)
Alternate Ribera, Juan José de
Alternate Ribera, lo Spagnoletto, José (or Giuseppe, or Jusepe) (de)
Alternate Rivera, José de
Alternate Spagnoletto, El (or Lo)
L.C. NameRibera, Jusepe de, 1591-1652
MediaPainter and printmaker
NotesBorn in Játiva; for most of his career, worked in Naples where he died.
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