Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Bru, Ayne (or Aine, or Ayna)

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Alternate Breü, Heinrich
Alternate Bru, Anye (or Anyne)
Alternate Bru, Enrique (or Enric de)
Alternate Brun, Ayne de
Alternate Brun, Enricus (or Enrique) de
Alternate Brün, Hans (or Heinrich)
Alternate Brun, Lauricus (or Luricus) de
Alternate Brunn, Heinrich
Alternate Luricus
L.C. NameBru, Ayne, -approximately 1510
Region(s)Gerona; Barcelona
NotesFrom Brabant; worked in Gerona and Barcelona between 1500 and 1507; died in Albi, France.
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