Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Weiss, María del Rosario

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Alternate Weis, Josefa
Alternate Weis, María del Rosario
Alternate Weis, Rosario
Alternate Weiss y Zorrilla, María del Rosario
Alternate Weiss y Zorrilla, Rosario
Alternate Weiss, Mariquita Rosario
Alternate Weiss, Rosario
Alternate Zorrilla, María del Rosario Weiss*
L.C. NameWeiss, María del Rosario, 1814-1843
Female ArtistY
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CreatedCDEA |D 1994 11 21 |T 17:32:08
CreatedCDEA |D 1994 11 21 |T 17:32:08
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