Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Vigarny, Felipe

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Alternate Bigarne, Felipe
Alternate Bigarní, Felipe (de)
Alternate Bigarny, Felipe
Alternate Biguerny de Borgoña, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Biguerny de Bourgogne, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Biguerny, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Borgoña, Felipe de
Alternate Felipe de Borgoña
Alternate Vigarni de Borgoña, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Vigarni de Bourgogne, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Vigarni, Felipe
Alternate Vigarny de Borgoña, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Vigarny de Bourgogne, Felipe (or Philippe)
Alternate Viguernis, Felipe
Alternate Viguerny, Felipe
L.C. NameVigarny, Felipe, -1543
NotesBorn in France, in Spain from 1498.
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