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Inventory #606
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/956
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family Name[anonymous]
Owner Name[anonymous]
Owner Notesgoods sold at request of Pieter van der Keer
Life Dates1571 |d aft. 1623
Marriage Date1599/09/18; 1623/03/10
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationArtist |a Printmaker, map maker
ResidenceIn de Kalverstraet in Amsterdam
IntroductionDese naervolgende goederen zijn vercocht ten versoecke van Pieter van den Keer.
CommentaryThese goods were sold at the request of Pieter van den Keer(e), the engraver, cartographer, and publisher of this name, who engraved designs after David Vinckboons and others. In 1606, he received 300 f for an engraving of a map of the 17 provinces after Vinckboons (Dawn of the Golden Age, Amsterdam, Exh. Cat. p. 518.) In 1619, he published the Journal of the Voyage of Jacob le Maire (C. Romburgh, Beredeneerde Register op de Werken der Linschoten-vereeniging, 1957, p. 359). In documents dated 4 and 13 February 1620, he is mentioned as one of the buyers of two thirds of the plates of a world map, which had been made by Willem Jansz. Blaeu (of R 30917) (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P., 33(1934), pp. 353-355). On 9 November 1593, Justus (II), son of Justus de Hondt (I) and Coletgen van Kere (Pieter's sister), was baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Pieter van de Keere (Oud Holland 4(1886), p.304). On 18 September 1599, Pieter van der Keere, from Gendt, 28 years old, plaetsnyder, having lived four years on the Rockin, assisted by his stepfather Jan Jansz. Burt, was betrothed to Anna Burts, from Gendt, also living on the Rockin, assisted by her father Jan Burt (DTB 409/57). On 11 January 1606, the couple baptized their daughter Susanna in the O.K. in the presence of Gillis van der Seesgien (?), Coleetje Hondius, and Sujsanna Burt (DTB 4/150). Colette van der Keere, married to Jodocus Hondius (I), was the mother of the famous printer Hendrick Hondius. On 19 September Hans Rogiers, brass caster, and Dirck Pietersz. (Voskuyl), bookseller, as testamentary guardians of Catharina, 28, the minor (sic) daughter left by Jodocus Hondius, plate engraver, and of Colette van der Keere, brought 8,000 f. to the Orphan Chamber for her inheritance (WK 5073/789). On 11 July 1635, Hans Rogiersz., brass caster and copper worker, 66, Jan van Gelyn, 49, copper beater, and Assuerus Coster, cannon caster, 30, declared at the request of Melchior Vinckel that they had inspected 400 pounds of clock castings and found them undeliverable (NA 695A, Not. J. Warnaerts). After the death of his first wife, Pieter van der Keer was again betrothed to Anna Winners, widow of Jelis van Eijck, on 10 March 1623 (DTB 427/439 and Oud Holland 3(1885), p. 73. On 16 June 1623, an inventory was drawn up of the goods of Pieter van den Kere, plaetsnyder, which he had possessed in common with his late wife Tanneken Bert (identical with Anna Burts, cited earlier). The inventory included many copper plates with views of towns and of the maps for some atlases. The works of art in this inventory are recorded in INVNO 6060.
NotaryG. Jacobs
Total Value356 |d 9 st.
Art Value63 |d 18 st.
# of Items42
Montias1 #506
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[c] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[d] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[e] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[f] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[g] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[h] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[i] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[j] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[k] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0001[l] [ANONYMOUS] 12 bortgens van de 12 maenden f 2: 1:--
0002[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijen f -:12:--
0002[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijen f -:12:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lange schilderij f -:15:--
0004 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij waterverff f 1: 2:--
0005 [ANONYMOUS] 1 uts. [schilderij waterverff ?] van hoop, lieff en geloff f 1: 4:--
0006 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij lantschap f 2: 1:--
0007 [ANONYMOUS] 1 uts. [schilderij] van Abrahams offerhande f 3:11:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij van de offerhande van de drie koningen f 4: 2:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] 1 thien geboden f 2:14:--
0010 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschapgen f 1: 6:--
0011 VROOM, HENDRICK 1 scheepgen van Vroom f 2: 4:--
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij van een hen met kuijckens f 2: 7:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderijtgen een schael met fruyt en etc. in een ebben lijst f 11:--:--
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