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Inventory #610
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/958
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family Name[anonymous]
Owner Name[anonymous]
Owner Notesgoods sold at request of Cornelis de Bruyn
Life Dates?|d 1648/01/20 |n Bruyn
Marriage Date1619/10/25
Type of Ceremonypui
OccupationMerchant (largescale) |a Spices, East Indies products
ResidenceIn the house of Jan Dircksz. [van Beuningen] in Amsterdam.
IntroductionOp den 23en september anno 1625 zijn ten versoecke van Cornelis de Bruyn dese naervolgende schilderijen vercoft. [The sale continued on 27 September ten versoeck van Cornelis de Bruijn].
CommentaryCornelis de Bruyn, at whose request the paintings were sold, lived for some time in Cologne, where he carried on a business in goods that were shipped to or from Hamburg, Bremen, Emden, Rouen, Calais and London. He invested 3,000 f. in V.O.C. shares (Van Dillen, Het oudste aandeelhoudersregister, p. 247). On 25 October 1619, Cornelis Claesz. de Bruijn, cruijdenier (dealer in spices), was betrothed to Catharina Saverij. He was living on the Angeliersstraet, she was living in Utrecht (DTB 763/74). On 25 January 1626, his child Maria was baptized. The witness was Henrick Lambertsz. Roghman, engraver (DTB 40/330). Catharina Savery was the daughter of the painter Jacob (or Jacques) Savery, who died in 1603. She was the sister of Marie Savery who married Hendrick Lambertsz. in 1623. Cornelis de Bruyn was a buyer also at W.K. auction (R 22516). The following document probably refers to the same Cornelis de Bruijn. On 21 December 1637, Ludewijn de Bruijn, widow of Joannes de Leeuw, notary in Utrecht, declared that her brothers Jan and Cornelis de Bruijn were coming to live with her and that they had brought some goods that she could use in precario. The only paintings mentioned were a painted deer's head, and two bortgens of Moses with oak frames (NA 598, fol. 493-4, Not. Lamberti). If the identification is correct, Cornelis de Bruijn had suffered some reverses (but see also the NOTES to R 22516 of Montias2. He was buried on 20 January 1648 (DTB 1100A/79). He was the brother of Abraham de Bruijn of R 21943 of Montias2.
NotaryJan Dircx van Beuningen
Total Value241 |d 3 stuivers
Art Value241 |d 3 stuivers
# of Items36
Montias1 #510
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0023[b] [ANONYMOUS] 3 cleyne schilderijtgens f 3:--:--
0023[c] [ANONYMOUS] 3 cleyne schilderijtgens f 3:--:--
0024[a] [ANONYMOUS] no.29.35 een moriaenshoof ende 1 fortuyntgen f 1: 7:--
0024[b] [ANONYMOUS] no.29.35 een moriaenshoof ende 1 fortuyntgen f 1: 7:--
0025 [ANONYMOUS] no.23 1 tronie met de pen gedaen f 1: 7:--
0026 [ANONYMOUS] no.21 1 frutagie f 2: 3:--
0027 [ANONYMOUS] no.31 1 nachtgen f 3: 9:--
0028 [ANONYMOUS] [crossed out: no. 5] 1 genayt bloempotgen f 11:--:--
0029 [ANONYMOUS] no. 34 2 naecte personagien f 1:18:--
0030 [ANONYMOUS] no.28 2 dootshooffden f 13:--:--
0031 [ANONYMOUS] no.9 1 dootshooff f 11:--:--
0032 [ANONYMOUS] [no No.] 1 gepleijstert beelt f 1: 1:--
0033 [ANONYMOUS] no.30 1 schilderij personagien f 9: 5:--
0034 [ANONYMOUS] [no No.] 1 printbortgen f -: 6:--
0035[a] [ANONYMOUS] [no No.] 2 bortgens met de pen gedaen f 1:17:--
0035[b] [ANONYMOUS] [no No.] 2 bortgens met de pen gedaen f 1:17:--
0036 [ANONYMOUS] no.27 1 schilderij vogels f 8: 5:--
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