Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century: A Critical Dictionary

Jordi de Déu

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Alternate Déu, Jordi de
Alternate Joan, Jordi
Alternate Jordi de Déu, Johan (or Juan)
Alternate Jordi Johan
Alternate Jordi, Master
Alternate Pedro Johan
Alternate Pere de Juan
Alternate Pere Johan
L.C. NameJordi, de Déu, -approximately 1418
NotesDo not confuse with his son, Pere Joan, n.1394/1397?-m.p.1458, both also known as Pedro Johan or Pere Johan.
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CreatedSME |D 1993 09 10 |T 12:16:54
CreatedSME |D 1993 09 10 |T 12:16:54
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