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About the Directory

The Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America was developed by the Frick's Center for the History of Collecting to guide art researchers to primary source material about American collectors and those who assisted in forming their collections. The database is updated and edited regularly with information from institutions and individuals. For more information about the Directory or to contribute information, please contact The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library Archives at or the Digital Art History Lab at

We gratefully acknowledge Melvin R. Seiden, the Billy Rose Foundation, I. Townsend Burden, Peter Blanchard, DeCourcy E. McIntosh, Juan Sabater, The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, and an anonymous donor for their generous support of this project.

We would also like to acknowledge the following contributors: Bertha Adams, Dahlia Azran, Caroline Chang, Lauren Durling, Julia Fields, L. Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Gimblett, Jeffrey Greggs, Abbey Nova, Jacqueline Snyder, Nava Streiter, and Sarah Van Anden.

Interactive Timeline — Art Collecting in America by Decade (1770-2010)

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