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Hoey, John, 1824 or 1825-1892

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role Collector
dates 1824-1892
city New York City
other citiesLiverpool, Ireland; Longbranch, NJ;
sex M
historical notes John Hoey was a businessman (Hoey’s Express, Adams Express Company) and art collector. His paintings, statuary, furniture and bric-a -brac were sold in 1893 via the American Art Association yielding $ 58,353.13.

According to Art Treasures of America, he owned works by: Ladislaus Bakalowicz (Polish, 1833–1904), Alexander Hugo Bakker Korff (aka A. H. Bakkerkorg, Dutch 1824-1882), Henri Charles Antoine Baron (French, 1816–1885), Charles Baugniet (Belgian, 1814–1886), Jean-Baptiste-Antoine-Emile Béranger (French, 1814–1883), Narcisse Berchère (French, 1819–1891), Edouard van den Bosch (Flemish, 1828–1878), Jules Breton (French, 1827–1906), Louis Georges Brillouin (French, 1817–1893), Gustave Brion (French, 1824–1877), Edouard Castres (Swiss, 1838–1902), Victor-Joseph Chavet (French, 1822–1906), François Claudius Compte-Calix (French, 1813–1880), Pierre Olivier Joseph Coomans (Belgian, 1816–1889), Philibert Leon Couturier (French, 1823–1901), André-Henri Dargelas (French, 1828–1906), Gustave Léonard de Jonghe (Belgian, 1829-1893), François Alfred Delobbe (French, 1835–1915), Théophile Emmanuel Duverger (French, 1821-after 1882), Joseph Oriel Eaton (American, 1829–1875), Rudolf Epp (German, 1834–1910), Eugène Fichel (French, 1826–1895), Edouard Frère (French, 1819–1886), Théodore Gérard (Belgian, 1829–1895), Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, 1824–1904), Bartolommeo Giuliano (Italian, 1825–1909), Jules Adolphe Goupil (French, 1839–1883), Alexandre-Marie Guillemin (French, 1817–1880), James McDougal Hart (American, 1828–1901), Charles Émile Jacque (French 1813–1894), Eastman Johnson (American, 1824–1906), Adolphe Jourdan (French, 1825–1889), Wilhelm Koller (Austrian, born 1829, died 1884 or 1885), Victor LeClaire (French, 1830–1885), Theophile Victor Emile Lemmens (French, 1821–1867), L'enfant de Metz, Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier (French, 1815-1891), Alberto Pasini (Italian, 1826–1899), Isidore Patrois (French, 1815–1884), Charles François Pécrus (French, 1826–1907), Ferdinand Piloty, II (German, 1828–1895), Antoine Emile Plassan (French, 1817–1903), W. A. Preyer, Martin Rico (Spanish, 1833–1908), Luis Ruipérez (Spanish, 1832–1867), Heinrich Schlesinger (French, 1814–1893), Paul Seignac (French, 1826–1904), A. Toulmouche, J. Trayer, C. T'schaggeny, Emile van Marcke (Belgian, 1797-after 1839), Charles-Emile-Hippolyte Lecomte-Vernet (French, 1821–1900), W. Verschur, Jules Jacques Veyrassat (French, 1828–1893), Jehan Georges Vibert (French, 1840–1902), A. Von Seben, Otto Weber (German, 1832–1888), Florent Willems (Belgian, 1823–1905).

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