Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America

A.S. Drey (Firm)
A.S. Drey was established c. 1864.

"The art firm of...

1860-1935 Munich Dealer/Gallery
Abbott, Berenice, 1898-1991
Berenice Abbott was an American photographer, collector and patron...

1898-1991 Monson ME Artist Collector Patron
Abbott, Henry
Dr. Henry Abbott built a built a collection of Egyptian...

1812-1859 Cairo Collector
Abegg, Werner
Werner Abegg was an art collector and textile manufacturer.


1903-1984 Riggisberg Collector
Aberbach Fine Art (New York, N.Y.)
Art gallery in New York.

Joachim Jean Aberbach opened the...

1973-1992 New York City NY Dealer/Gallery
Aberbach, Joachim Jean
Music publisher, art dealer and collector.

Mr. Aberbach collected modern...

1910-1992 New York City NY Collector Dealer/Gallery
Aberbach, Julian J.
Music publisher and art collector, Aberbach, collected and sold art...

1909-2004 Westhampton NY Collector
Aberbach, Susan
Owner and operator of Susan Aberbach Fine Art (New York...

1940- New York City NY Dealer/Gallery
Abrams, George
George S. Abrams is a lawyer and art collector of...

1932- Newton MA Collector
Abrams, Harry N.
Harry Abrams was an art collector and Publisher, New York...

1905-1979 New York City NY Collector
Abrams, Maida
Dutch-Art Collector and Advocate for the Disabled.
Mrs. Abrams...

1939-2002 Newton MA Collector
ACA Galleries
ACA Galleries (American Contemporary Artists) was founded in 1932 by...

1932- New York City NY Dealer/Gallery
Achepohl, Keith
Born in Chicago, Keith Anden Achepohl was a prominent printmaker...

1934-2019 Iowa City IA Collector
Achim Moeller Fine Arts
Founded by Achim Moeller in 1972, the gallery specializes in...

1972- New York City NY Dealer/Gallery Scholar/Critic/Expert Consultant
Ackerman, Louise Sloss, d. 1982
Louise Sloss Ackerman was an artist, patron, art collector and...

1888-1982 San Francisco CA Collector Artist
Ackland, William Hayes, 1855-1940
Ackland was a Tennessee native, author, art collector, and Washington...

1855-1940 Washington DC Collector
Acquavella Galleries
Acquavella Galleries also known as Acquavella Modern Art was founded...

1921- New York City NY Dealer/Gallery
Acton, Arthur
Arthur Acton was an architect, art collector and dealer.


1873-1953 Florence Collector Consultant
Acton, Harold, 1904-1994
Sir Harold Mario Mitchell Acton was a British-American collector...

1904-1994 Florence Collector Scholar/Critic/Expert
Adam A. Weschler & Son
Adam A. Weschler & Son is a Washington, D.C. auction house...

1890- Washington DC Auction_House
Adams, Alvin, 1804-1877
Alvin Adams was an art collector and businessman who owned...

1804-1877 Watertown MA Collector
Adams, Earl C. (Earl Clinton), 1892-1986
Earl C. Adams, who practiced law in Los Angeles for...

1892-1986 San Marino CA Collector
Adams, Samuel Hopkins, 1871-1958.
Samuel Hopkins Adams was a collector, author and journalist...

1871-1958. New York City NY Collector
Adams, Thatcher M.
Collector and Lawyer, New York, NY.
He was married to...

1837-1919 New York City NY Collector
Adelman, Seymour, 1906-
Collector, patron and expert.

Adelman met Susan Eakins in the...

1906-1985 Philadelphia PA Collector Patron Scholar/Critic/Expert
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