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Roberts, Marshall O.

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role Collector Patron
dates 1813-1880
city New York City
other citiesSaratoga, NY;
sex M
historical notes Marshall Owen Roberts was a New York merchant, art collector and patron, and philanthropist. He lent works of art from his collection to The Universal Exhibition held in Paris, 1867.

According to The Art Treasures of America, Roberts owned works by G. A. Backer, A. H. Bakkerkorf, C. Baugniet, C. Becker, E. Béranger, J. Bernard, L. Besanges, G. H. Boughton, T. G. Brown, Canaletti, H. Carrodi, J. W. Casilear, J. G. Chapman, J. V. Chavet, F. E. Church, P. J. Clays, Thomas Cole, J. Constable, S. Cooper, A. Corrodi, C. P. Cranch, T. Creswick, C. Cretius, J. F. Cropsey, C. Deas, R. De Cáceres, J. H. L. De Haas, M. F. H. De Haas, G. De Jonghe, P. Delaroche, J. De Montelant, D. A. De Noter, A. De Pinelli, E. Detaille, N. V. Diaz, A. Dillens, A. B. Durand, Th. Earle, C. L. Elliot, T. Faed, E. Fichel, E. Frére, J. L. Gérôme, R. S. Gifford, S. R. Gifford, R. Gigoux, E. Gill, H. P. Gray, Guido, S. J. Guy, J. M. Hart, Wm. Hart, W. S. Haseltine, W. G. Hays, W. J. Hays, G. P. A. Healy, J. F. Herring Jr., J. A. Howes, Carl H bner, D. Huntington, D. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. F. Kensett, L. Knaus, M. A. Koekkoek, G. C. Lambdin, L. Lang, L. Lassale, C. Leroy, E. Leutze, E. Leygue, J. T. Linneli, K. T. Litschauer, J. McEntee, J. L. E. Meissonier, H. Merle, Meyer Von Bremen, L. R. Mignot, W. S. Mount, C. L. Muller, Jules Noel, Z. Noterman, J. E. Oertel, D. Palmaroli, A. Parton, R. Paele, C. Pécrus, A. Pennebici, L. Perrault, J. Philop, A. E. Plassan, C. H. Poindexter, Pollak, P. F. Poole, L. J. Pott, Paul Potter, W. H. Powell, Power, Milne Ramsey, W. Ranney, W. T. Richards, L. Robbe, F. Roffiaen, J. Rosiers, P. F. Rothermel, C. Roux, H. Salentin, H. Schaefels, A. Schreyer, P. Signac, E. Seitz, F. Steffens, Ed. Steinbr ck, T. Sully, J. A. Suydam, D. Teniers, L. Terry, J. C. Thom, J. R. Tilton, C, Troyon, J. M. W. Turner, R. Tusquets, F. R. Unterberger, H. Valda, Baron Van AErp. Al. Van Hamme, E. Marcke, P. Van Schendel, B. Vautier, E. Verboeckhoven, Ch. Verlat, H. Von Steben, Otto Weber, R. W. Weir, A. Weisz, E. White, W. Whittredge, F. Willems, Richard Wilson, R. C. Woodville, Alex Wust, Geo. H. Yewell, F. Ziem, and F. Zuber-B hler. Also, owned sculptures by C. T. Angelini, J. H. Foley, E. D. Palmer, L. Samain, F. Simmons, Emma Stebbins, W. W. Story, Geronimo Sunol, Tadolini, A. Van Wart, and C. Voss.

Roberts was married three times: his first wife was Miss C. D. Amerman; his second wife was Miss Caroline Danforth Smith (m. 1847, 1827-1874); and his third wife was Miss Susan L Endicott (m. 1875, 1845-, later Mrs. Ralph Vivian, London (m. 1892, Ralph Vivian, 1844-1924). Roberts had four children: Mary M.; Isaac K. (1836-1888); Caroline “Carrie” Marshall Roberts Van Wart (1850-1893, m. 1869, Ames Van Wart (1841-1927)), Evelyn M. Van Wart, 1870-); and Captain Marshall O Roberts (1878-1931, m. 1903, Miss Irene Helen Murray (daughter of Sir George Herbert Murray)).
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