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Probasco, Henry, 1820-1902
Henry Probasco was a businessman, art collector and philanthropist.


1820-1902 Cincinnati OH Collector
Pulitzer, Emily Rauh
Emily Rauh Pulitzer is an art collector and patron of...

St. Louis MO Collector
Pulitzer, Joseph, 1913-1993
Joseph Pulitzer was a publisher (Pulitzer Publishing Co) and art...

1913-1993 St. Louis MO Collector
Pullman, George Mortimer, 1831-1897
Collector, American industrialist and inventor of the Pullman sleeping car...

1831-1897 Chicago IL Collector
Pullman, Harriett Sanger, 1842-1921
Philanthropist and collector, she continued to add to the G...

1842-1921 Chicago IL Collector
Purves, Austin, 1900-
Art collector; Philadelphia, Pa. Purves collected paintings by Maxfield Parrish...

1900- Philadelphia PA Artist Collector
Putnam, Anne Eisner
Abstract painter, landscape painter, watercolorist, printer, writer and collector of...

1911-1967 New York City NY Collector
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