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titleWilbour Archival Collection 1833-1935, 1880-1896.
repositoryThe Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives
descriptionThe Wilbour Archival Collection documents the research and expeditions of Charles Edwin Wilbour (1833-1896). This collection includes a wide variety of materials such as articles, letters, inscriptions, notebooks, notes, publications, squeezes, bookplates, maps, and photographs.

In addition, the collection contains letters of condolence, clippings, and calling cards related to Wilbour's death, as well as records about this collection.

The bulk of this collection consists of Wilbour's letters, notebooks, and research notes. He wrote numerous detailed letters to his wife, Charlotte Beebe Wilbour, and his mother, Sarah Soule Wilbour, describing both ancient and nineteenth century Egypt. These letters also document some of the objects purchased by Wilbour that are currently found in the Brooklyn Museum. Jean Capart later published these letters in 1936 in his book 'Travels in Egypt.'

In addition, there are letters to Wilbour from renowned Egyptologists such as August Eisenlohr, Jan Herman Insigner, Gaston Maspero, A.H Sayce, Heinrich Karl Brugsch, and W.M. Flinders Petrie regarding their research and publications. Information regarding various documents are contained in notes written by Walter Federn, an Egyptologist, during the 1930s.

In addition to his letters, Wilbour's research notes and notebooks offer insight into his work and provide detailed accounts of his observations and travels. Unfortunately, some of these notes are written in Wilbour's unique shorthand, which has not yet been fully deciphered.

Items of interest include inscriptions that Wilbour copied directly from sites or publications and his copies of published inscriptions with his annotations. Of particular interest are Wilbour's hand-written copies of inscriptions located in the Temple of Ombos, which reflect his meticulousness and attention to detail. In addition, the squeezes and photographs visually document objects and sites he visited.

Of note are a collection of squeezes that provide impressions of inscriptions found on an unidentified sarcophagus. Not only do the photographs provide visual documentation of Wilbour's research, but they also illustrate various monuments in Aswan and other locations. A sketch by Wilbour's son-in-law, Edwin Blashfield, is also included in this collection.

Biographical/Historical Note:
Charles Edwin Wilbour (1833-1896) was one of the first American Egyptologists. From 1880 to 1896, he traveled extensively in Egypt and documented numerous ancient sites. He was known for his skill in copying inscriptions and for documenting the Famine Stela. He died in 1896 in France.

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titleEdwin Howland Blashfield Travel diaries.
repositoryThe Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives
descriptionBlashfield's diaries describe his travels in England, Italy, Greece, France, and Egypt. The contain descriptions of activities, sites, art objects, and meetings with individuals; sketches of art objects, scenes, buildings, and people; and occasional lists and financial accounts. Of particular note are a list of drawings made in Egypt and a detailed description of a visit to the Louvre (vol. d.). Five of the volumes are undated.

Biographical/historical note
Edwin H. Blashfield, painter and muralist, travelled extensively in Europe during the 1880s. He was married to Evangeline Wilbour, daughter of Egyptologist Charles Edwin Wilbour, and travelled in Egypt with the Wilbours.

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The Brooklyn Museum Library Collections. Edwin H. Blashfield Travel Diaries.

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