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titleMarius de Zayas letters sent to Paul B. Haviland, 1915-1918.
repositoryThe Getty Research Institute
descriptionFour letters to the collector Paul B. Haviland, concerning the founding of the Modern Gallery in New York, 1915.

The letters furnish information about the purpose for establishing the Gallery; the functions played by collectors such as Haviland, Eugene Meyer (as director and financier for the Gallery) and his wife, Agnes Meyer as consultant; the connections between this branch gallery with Stieglitz’s "291" gallery; and the plans for exhibitions. Included are three additional items: a typescript announcement of the opening of the Modern Gallery in October, 1915 which was to appear in the paper for "291" no. 9; a handwritten copy of a letter from Zayas to Stieglitz addressing the relationship between the two galleries; and a handwritten copy of Stieglitz’ reply with his thoughts on "291."

Biographical or Historical Notes:
Marius de Zayas (1880-1961) was a Mexican draughtsman, caricaturist and art critic. Together with Marcel Duchamp and Stieglitz, he was a member of group "291" and one of the first persons to introduce Picasso to America. As founder of the Modern Gallery, he was mainly interested in exhibiting "negro" art, Mexican idols, photography and artists such as Derain, Picabia, Dove, Marin and Picasso.
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titleWhitney Studio Club exhibition catalogs and announcements, [undated] and 1916-1930.
repositoryArchives of American Art
descriptionCatalogs for one-person and group exhibitions at the Whitney Studio Club and at Mrs. H[arry] P[ayne] Whitney's Studio.

Included are: "Exhibition of Paintings by John Dos Passos and Adelaide J. Lawson and Sculpture by Reuben Nakian," undated; "The Drawings of Boardman Robinson including his series of the Washington Arms Conference," undated; "Paintings and Drawings by Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque-Caricatures by Marius de Zayas, Selected and Arranged by Charles Sheeler," undated; "Sculpture and Drawings by Grace Mott Johnson and Drawings by Lila Wheelock," undated; [Invitation] "Exhibition of Early American Art Selected and Arranged by H.E. Schnakenberg," undated; a invitation and catalog "Annual Exhibition of Painting & Sculpture by the Members of the Club," undated;
"Exhibition of Water Colors," undated, exhibiting work by Thomas H. Donnelly, Richard Lahey, Richard Marwede, Mary F. Wesselhoeft & designs for stained glass by M. Wesselhoeft; "Exhibition of Paintings & Drawings, Selected and Arranged by Mr. W.E. Hill," undated; "Exhibition of Drawings and Water Colors by Arthur Faber, Thomas Hunt, and George A. Picken," undated; "Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by the Members of the Whitney Studio Club," April 2nd to April 30th, [undated]; "Overseas Exhibition of American Paintings," undated, at Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney's Studio; "Exhibition of Paintings, Etchings and Drawings by John Sloan at Mrs. H.P. Whitney's Studio," 1916; "Introspective Art at Mrs. H.P. Whitney's Studio," 1917;

"Exhibition of Paintings at the Whitney Studio by Ernest Lawson and Guy Pene du Bois," 1918; "Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by Members of the Whitney Studio Club," December 1918; "Exhibition of Sculpture by Malvina Hoffman and Decorations by Arthur Crisp," 1919 at Mrs. H.P. Whitney's Studio; "Exhibition of Paintings Drawings and Etchings," 1920, exhibiting work by Edward Hopper and Kenneth Hayes Miller; "Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Etchings by Olaf Olesen, John Sloan, and Randall Davey," 1921; "Exhibition of Paintings by Joseph Stella and H.E. Schnakenberg," 1921; [10th, 11th, and 12th Annual Exhibitions of the Whitney Studio Club Members, 1925-1927], at the Anderson Galleries; and "Spring Exhibition," 1930, at the Whitney Studio Galleries, forward by Lloyd Goodrich.

Bio / His Notes:
Art club and gallery; New York, N.Y., founded by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, 1918. In 1918, Whitney opened the Whitney Studio Club, which served as pioneering organization for American art, putting on exhibition programs and offering social space and recreational amenities to its members (one point numbering over four hundred artists living in New York). In 1928, the Whitney Studio Club was transformed into an art gallery, known as the Whitney Studio Galleries and directed by Juliana Force, which eventually became the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1931.

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titleMarius de Zayas Papers, 1814-1948.
repositoryColumbia University Libraries
descriptionA large collection of the letters and manuscripts of Rafael de Zayas Enriquez, as well as a miscellaneous collection of letters and bills of sale pertaining to the activities of Marius de Zayas.

The Rafael de Zayas Enriquez papers include letters, manuscripts, books, and clippings. His writings reflect his many and varied talents and interests: history, poetry, sociology, novels, and plays. His manuscripts and books comprise the bulk of this collection. The photocopies of letters to Marius de Zayas pertain to the magazine "391" and the Modern Gallery. There is correspondence from Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Paul Guillaume, Max Jacob. Agnes Meyer, Alfred Stieglitz, Tristan Tzara, and Max Weber. The majority of these letters are unpublished although some of the most important ones appear in Michael Sanouillet's Francia Picabia et "291" (Paris, 1966).

Biographical and Historical Note:
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acquisition informationGift of Rodrigo de Zayas, 1972. Gift of Nicole de Zayas, 1997
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titleMarius de Zayas Research Collection for How, When and Why Modern Art Came to New York, ca. 1910-1936.
repositoryWhitney Museum of American Art
descriptionFor further information see
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acquisition informationis research material was assembled by Francis M. Naumann in the early 1990s in preparation for publication of How, When and Why Modern Art Came to New York, published in 1996. It was given by Naumann to Michael FitzGerald for use in the later's research. FitzGerald then suggested that Naumann donate the material to the Whitney Museum library, which he did in 2003. Rodrigo de Zayas, of Seville, Spain, who holds the orginals of the bulk of this material, and has consented to its being made available to researchers at the Whitney Museum Library.
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titleM. de Zayas exhibition catalogs, 1919-1920.
repositoryArchives of American Art
description"Exhibition of Chinese Paintings, from the collection of Charles Vignier," 1919; "Exhibition of African Negro Sculpture," 1919, 22 works exhibited; "Exhibition of Paintings," by Courbet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Cezanne, Seurat, and Matisse, (1919), 22 works exhibited; and catalogs of one person exhibitions of John Covert, Arthur B. Davies, Charles Sheeler, and Walt Kuhn. Kuhn catalog annotated on cover "De Zayas exhibition of W.K. Westerns'" and marked throughout with notes and corrections, probably by Walt Kuhn.

Contained in:
Miscellaneous art exhibition catalog collection, 1887-1934 (bulk 1915-1925)

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titleMiscellaneous art exhibition catalog collection, 1813-1953, bulk 1915-1925
repositoryArchives of American Art
descriptionThe collection comprises circa 770 items, dating from 1813-1953, the bulk of which are exhibition catalogs from New York City art galleries for the first two decades of the twentieth century, representing exhibitions of mainly modernist art.

Catalogs for exhibitions held in Boston (mainly pre-1900) and a few other cities are also present. Included are several rare catalogs, notably one for the "Eight" held at Macbeth Gallery in 1908. Besides catalogs, the collection also contains exhibition announcements, gallery publications, and other printed material.

The collection is especially relevant for the study of early American modernism, and is useful in understanding the role of art galleries, exhibitions, the art market, and the exhibition catalog itself, in American art.

Historical Note:
In 1979, the American Antiquarian Society donated approximately 1,500 exhibition catalogs and art-related printed material to the Archives of American Art (AAA).

The Society had received most of them over a long period of time, many of them addressed to the director, Charles Brigham. For several years subsequent to the donation, AAA sporadically added exhibition catalogs to the collection from various sources. Some of these additions are annotated in the hand of Walt Kuhn and are presumed to have been part of his papers in the Archives.

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acquisition informationThe bulk of the collection was donated 1979 by the American Antiquarian Society, who presumably assembled them from various sources. Others were received individually, while many are annotated in the hand of Walt Kuhn and are presumed to have originally been part of his papers in the Archives. In 2005, additional catalogs were integrated, some of which are presumed to have been removed from various collections over the years.
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