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titleHenry Cabot Lodge Photographs
repositoryMassachusetts Historical Society
descriptionThe Henry Cabot Lodge photographs contains 2,059 photographs in 2 boxes, 2 oversize boxes and 11 volumes collected by Henry Cabot Lodge. These photographs span the years ca. 1860-1945 and consist of loose photographs and photographs in volumes.

Most of the photographs in this collection are arranged in volumes. One volume is a scrapbook dating from 1867-1868 that contains photographs, papers, and other memorabilia relating to Henry Cabot Lodge's studies at Harvard University as a member of the Class of 1871. Six volumes contain commercial photographs of various places in Europe, collected by Lodge during his travels there from 1871-1903, including during his honeymoon with Anna Cabot Mills Davis Lodge in 1871-1872. Three additional volumes contain commercial photographs of European artwork, also collected by Lodge during his travels ca. 1872-1899. There is also one volume of photographs of San Francisco, compiled ca. 1910-1911 by the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Co. during its campaign for the exposition.

The rest of the collection contains loose photographs, some oversize, that depict or relate to Lodge's personal life; family, friends, and colleagues; and political work as U.S. senator. Portraits include formal and informal photographs of Henry Cabot Lodge, Anna Cabot Mills Davis Lodge, Constance Davis Lodge Gardner, George Cabot Lodge, and John Ellerton Lodge; presidents Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and other Massachusetts and U.S. legislators; various American and European statesmen, authors, and other public figures from the 1860s; and Civil War soldiers and officers. The collection also contains views of various places in Canada and the United States of importance to Lodge, including Nahant, Mass. and the Lodge family home in Washington, D.C.

Photographers represented in this collection include Elliott & Fry and Mayall of London, England; James Wallace Black and John Adams Whipple of Boston, Mass.; Harris & Ewing and Rice of Washington, D.C.; Frederic Bulkeley Hyde; and Frances Benjamin Johnston, among many others. Many of the commercial photographers in this collection are unidentified.

This collection contains cartes de visite, cabinet cards, photomechanical prints, tintypes, and some hand-colored photographs. There is also one opalotype photograph of an unidentified girl that has been stored apart from this collection by format in the Miscellaneous glass photograph collection (Photo. Coll. 5). See the Detailed Description of the Collection for more information about this photograph.

extent2,059 photographs in 2 boxes, 2 oversize boxes, and 11 volumes (in boxes or cases).
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acquisition informationThe Henry Cabot Lodge photographs were removed from the Henry Cabot Lodge papers, a gift to the Massachusetts Historical Society by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
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titleHenry Cabot Lodge papers
repositoryMassachusetts Historical Society
descriptionThe Henry Cabot Lodge papers span the years 1775-1966 and consist of 183 microfilm reels (P-525) of materials of Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), historian, Congressman and United States Senator. The Lodge papers are arranged in roughly the order in which they were received from Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. All artifacts, printed materials, and photographs have been removed from the collection. The collection has been divided into six series, described below.

Series I contains the major body of H. C. Lodge correspondence, 1866-1966, arranged chronologically and alphabetically within years on 94 reels. Though largely consisting of Lodge's incoming correspondence, this series also contains a significant number of original Lodge letters. The letters span Lodge's years as a Harvard student and instructor, North American Review editor, Massachusetts legislator, Congressman, United States Senator, and Republican Party leader. Included are letters to and from nearly every important literary and political figure at home and abroad, 1871-1924. Among the more prominent correspondents are Brooks Adams, Henry Adams, George Bancroft, Albert J. Beveridge, James G. Blaine, William E. Borah, James Bryce, Calvin Coolidge, Richard Henry Dana, Jr., Charles W. Eliot, Moreton Frewen, Warren G. Harding, John Hay, George Frisbie Hoar, Charles Evans Hughes, Rudyard Kipling, William McKinley, Thomas B. Reed, Carl Schurz, Cecil Spring-Rice, Charles Sumner, William Howard Taft, George Otto Trevelyan and Henry White. Reel 94 contains typescripts of letters of Brooks Adams, Charles Francis Adams II and Henry Adams, 1891-1918 and copies of Lodge correspondence with Houghton Mifflin, 1879-1942.

Series II, reels 95-108, contains family correspondence, 1775-1925, and is organized chronologically for each individual. Included are most of Lodge's letters to and from his mother, Anna Cabot Lodge, 1866-1900; some correspondence of his wife, Anna Cabot Mills Davis Lodge; his son, John Ellerton Lodge Jr.; other Lodge family members; and members of the Blake, Cabot, Davis, Ellerton and Mills families. In addition, there is some Lodge genealogical material and condolence correspondence upon the deaths of Lodge's mother, wife, and son, George Cabot Lodge. (The Society has a separate collection of George Cabot Lodge papers.)

Series III, Miscellaneous Papers, arranged by names and subjects, reels 109-115, contains Lodge's correspondence with select individuals including Worthington C. Ford, Lewis Harcourt, Ellerton James, Henry Lee, Herbert St. George Mildmay, Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, and Barrett Wendell, 1876-1924. Also included are copies of letters of John Lothrop Motley and Charles Sumner, 1835-1877 (reel 97); notes and correspondence concerning Colombian-American relations and the Panama Canal, 1903-1921 (reel 113); the Washington Conference on the Limitation of Armament, 1921-1922 (reel 114), and Lodge business papers (reel 115).

Series IV, writings and speeches, etc., reels 116-126, contains primarily original writings and speeches of Lodge. The writings and speeches included on reels 116-120 are largely unorganized and undated. Reels 121-125 are arranged in alphabetical order by title or topic. In addition, this part of the collection has a small collection of Lodge's student notes on history, science, and law, and copies of many of his published articles and reviews.

Series V, Bound Volumes, reels 127-183, contains diaries, journals, letterbooks, notebooks and scrapbooks of George Cabot (1752-1823), Anna Sophia Cabot (1796-1845), Anna Cabot Lodge (1821-1900), Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), the Republican District Committee of the Fifth Congressional District, Cecil Spring-Rice, Mrs. L. A. Ward, E. C. Kirkland, and Henry Cabot and are arranged chronologically within each of the nine sub-series. The volumes of Anna Sophia Cabot and Anna Cabot Lodge are primarily European travel journals; those of George Cabot are letterbooks, 1783-1818. The bulk of the collection consists of the diaries, letterbooks, historical notebooks, and political scrapbooks of Henry Cabot Lodge. Because of the easy access to printed material in libraries, only the title page or first page of printed materials in the scrapbooks was microfilmed. Due to their deteriorating condition, the scrapbooks of Henry Cabot Lodge consisting primarily of newspaper clippings were discarded after filming. Annotated printed material contained in the scrapbooks was removed from the scrapbook before the volume was discarded. See curator of manuscripts for further information.

Series VI, Oversize, 1893-1924, (reel 183) consists of miscellaneous oversized materials, mainly graphics. These are stored in Oversize box 1 (onsite). Also located in this box is Volume 111, an oversize scrapbook. These materials are on microfilm P-525. There are some other miscellaneous oversize papers, mainly certificates and diplomas, which do not appear on the microfilm. These are located in Oversize box 2. Oversize boxes are stored onsite at H.C. Lodge Oversize. To access the oversize materials in box 2, which are not on the microfilm, please see the Curator of Manuscripts.

extent51 cartons (stored offsite), and 2 oversize boxes (stored onsite).
formatsCorrespondence Writings Printed Materials Scrapbooks Artifacts
accessThe bulk of the Henry Cabot Lodge papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least one business day in advance. Contact the Library at or (617) 536-1608 to request materials. Please discuss your request with the reading room staff before requesting cartons by barcode.
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acquisition informationThe Henry Cabot Lodge papers were a gift to the Massachusetts Historical Society from Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
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