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titleIrvine family correspondence, 1776-1845.
repositoryThe Getty Research Institute
collection titleMost of the collection consists of correspondence of James and Charles Irvine from the early 19th century.

Series I. Letters of Charles Irvine, 1825-1831 (folders 1-2); 19 letters from London to James in Florence and Rome relating, in part, to the importation into England and sale of Italian and Flemish Old Masters.

Series II. Letters of James Irvine, 1776-1819 (folders 3-5); 30 letters of James Irvine from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Scotland and Cuba, to his brother Alexander, Laird of Drum, Aberdeenshire, and nephew Alexander Jr. concerning his travels, experiences, and work as an art dealer.

Series III. Letters of Felice Cicognani, 1817-1845 (folders 6-7); 16 letters received by James and Charles Irvine from Felice Cicognani, a lawyer based in Rome and the executor of James’ estate, relating to Italian and British paintings and prints, and to legal matters.

Series IV. Letters of Lodovico Caracciolo, 1840 (folder 8); 2 letters of Lodovico Caracciolo, Italian landscape painter, addressed to Charles Irvine, in part describing his own paintings.

Also, a draft of the last will and testament of James Irvine, dated 1828 (folder 9).

Other Archival Location:
Irvine family papers; Also located at; Drum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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titleOzias Humphry papers 1753-1810
repositoryRoyal Academy of Arts
collection title GB/0397 Royal Academy of Arts Archive.
HU Ozias Humphry papers 1753-1810
HU/5 Original correspondence of Ozias Humphry, volume 5 1796-1802
>HU/5/99 Ar. Champernowne, Palazzo S. Rocco, Rome, to Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge, Middlesex 3 Dec 1801

Reference Code HU/5/99
Level Item
Title Ar. Champernowne, Palazzo S. Rocco, Rome, to Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge, Middlesex
Date 3 Dec 1801
Extent & Medium 1 piece
Content Description He has bumped into Day, who saw Humphry in London and now sets off back to England with a "fresh set of fine pictures". He too has bought paintings and is now sorry he did not buy more.

He has written to Bryan but received no answer. He has bought a Domenichino (gives dimensions), also a Titian from Mr. Irvine, now in the hands of Tresham. He hopes to treat these as pendants. A dealer in Rome wants to know if a portrait of the Rezzonico Pope by Mengs would fetch a price in England.

Metz is in Rome, drawing from Michelangelo's Last Judgement. As his pictures at Bryan's and Philip's will not sell he wants them shipped to Rome. All Italy is joyful at the news of peace.

Reference Code HU/5/98
Level Item
Title Ar. Champernowne, Vienna, to Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, England
Date 28 Aug 1801
Extent & Medium 1 piece
Content Description Humphry must have heard by now of his departure, he is enroute to Rome, where he hopes to spend the winter, in spite of the French.

The suddenness of his departure has left his affairs somewhat confused. He hopes Humphry will assist in getting the things sent to the country. Lists the most important paintings at Bryan's: Mourning over the dead body of Christ by Palma Giovane, a work by Palma Vecchio, a landscape by Gainsborough Dupont, a landscape by David Teniers, Lucretia & Portia by Van Dyck and Horse & Lion by George Stubbs. They should be sold for what they can fetch. Phillips has an order to sell the sulphurs stored at Mrs Holding's. Panné the picture cleaner of 9 Frith St. also has a picture of his that may be sold. Everything else at the Blenheim Hotel can be packed off to Dartington near Totness.

Mr and Mrs Irvine also hope to make it to Rome through the French army.

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