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titleThomas McIntyre Cooley papers, 1850-1898.
repositoryBentley Historical Library
collection titleCorrespondence, notes, addresses, lectures, diaries, relating primarily to his publications, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the University of Michigan, state and national politics, American history, constitutional questions, lecture engagements, and personal and family affairs; and photographs.

Correspondents include: Henry C. Adams, Russell A. Alger, Alexis C. Angell, James B. Angell, Henry P. Baldwin, Simeon E. Baldwin, Levi L. Barbour, B. L. Baxter, Charles F. Beach, Jr., Josiah W. Begole, John Bersey, Melville M. Bigelow, Austin Blair, James R. Boise, W. L. Bragg, Henry B. Brown, James Bryce, Richard A. Bury, Henry M. Campbell, James H. Campbell, James V. Campbell, Lewis Cass, John W. Champlin, Zachariah Chandler, Henry A. Chaney, Salmon P. Chase, G. C. Christiancy, Isaac P. Christiancy, James Clements, Grover Cleveland, Lemuel Clute, Charles C. Cole, Charles H. Cooley, Edgar A. Cooley, Shelby M. Cullom, Byron M. Cutcheon, W. D. Dabney, Donald M. Dickinson, Jacob P. Dunn, Richard T. Ely, Elon Farnsworth, Albert Fink, William F. Ford, Daniel C. Gilman, Washington Gladden, Claudius B. Grant, Benjamin F. Graves, Israel Hall, William G. Hammond, Benjamin Harrison, John S. Hawks, Edward O. Hinkley, John Hinkley, Henry Hitchcock, George Hoar, Oliver W. Holmes, Jr., Charles C. Hopkins, Fred S. Hubbard, Harry B. Hutchins, Albert P. Jacobs, David H. Jerome, Harry D. Jewell, Charles N. Jones, Charles A. Kent, Edward D. Kinne, Otto Kirchner, Daniel S. Lamont.

Correspondents include: William MacKenzie, Isaac Marston, Andrew C. Maxwell, Elijah W. Meddaugh, Martin V. Montgomery, Thomas C. Moore, William R. Morrison, Edward A. Moseley, Thomas J. O’Brien, Warren Olney, Russell C. Ostrander, Walter H. Page, Thomas W. Palmer, Allen B. Pond, Elihu B. Pond, Eugene B. Prussing, Roger A. Pryor, Francis Rawle, John T. Rich, Henry W. Rogers, Alfred Russell, Andrew J. Sawyer, Augustus Schoonmaker, Carl Schurz, Edwin R. A. Seligman, William H. Seward, William H. Stevenson, Ralph Stone, Moses Taggart, Henry P. Tappan, Harriet A. Tenney, Lyman Trumbull, Moses C. Tyler, Philip T. Van Zile, Aldace F. Walker, Bryant Walker, George P. Wanty, William F. Warren, William D. Washburn, Andrew D. White, and Moses Wisner.

Professor of Law and American History at the University of Michigan; Michigan Supreme Court Justice; and chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

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titleWoolsey family papers, 1750-1969 (inclusive), 1811-1921 (bulk).
repositoryYale University Library
collection titleThe papers document three generations of the Woolsey family. The most prominent figures in the collection are William Walton Woolsey (1766-1839), land owner and merchant in New York City; his son, Theodore Dwight Woolsey (1801-1889), Greek scholar, political theorist and president of Yale College; and Theodore Salisbury Woolsey (1852-1929), professor of international law at Yale Law School, son of Theodore Dwight Woolsey. The papers of William Walton Woolsey contain extensive business correspondence, ledgers, legal papers, documents relating to land sales in New York and Ohio, as well as family and personal letters.

Since he was engaged in the importation of sugar, cotton and hardware, some of his business correspondence is political with discussions of the Jay Treaty of 1794, the problems of piracy, American neutrality in the 1790s and the general politics of the period.

Important correspondents are Chauncey Goodrich, Archibald Gracie, Eli Whitney, Noah Webster, Elihu and Nathaniel Chauncey, Oliver Wolcott, Benjamin Tallmadge, Jedidiah Morse, James Roosevelt, John A. Schuyler, Comfort Sands, John Broome, and Nicholas Bayard. The papers of Theodore Dwight Woolsey contain his writings on Greek language and literature, the Bible, international law and the texts of his sermons.

In his extensive correspondence principal figures are Ezra Abbott, Leonard Bacon, Leonard Woolsey Bacon, Horace Binney, John Mason Brown, William H. Goodrich, Edgar Laing Heermance, Henry Clay Trumbull, Henry Hitchcock, Alvin Jewett Johnson, James Luce Kingsley, Samuel F.B. Morse, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Benjamin Silliman, William Buel Sprague, Joseph H. Thayer, and John Mumford Woolsey.

For the presidential papers of Theodore Dwight Woolsey, see the Yale University Archives, YRG 2-A-10. The papers of Theodore Salisbury Woolsey consist of correspondence, writings, principally on international law, but also on his travels in Europe (1873), on American furniture, silver, and painters, and the texts of speeches and other materials on Yale University.

Also included are genealogical records, and printed matter relating to the entire family.

Available in other formats: Account book of a general store kept by George Woolsey also available on microfilm (137 frames on 1 reel, 35mm.) from Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library, at cost. Order no. HM113.

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acquisition informationGift of Edith Woolsey and Laura Heermance, 1954-1960; Ann La Farge, 1988; Louise Heermance Tallman, 1995, 2005; and Richard C. Woolsey, 2008.
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titleHenry Hitchcock Papers, 1864-1865.
repositoryLibrary of Congress
collection titleDiaries (1864 Nov. 11-1865 Feb. 7) and correspondence (1864-1865) kept by Hitchcock during his Civil War service in the Army of the Military Division of the Mississippi. The papers document Sherman’s march through Georgia to the sea, Sherman’s march across the Carolinas, and the surrender of the Confederate forces near Durham, N.C.

Biographical/Historical Data:
Lawyer, first dean of St. Louis Law School, and army officer.


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acquisition informationDeposit, George C. Hitchcock, via M. A. De Wolf Howe, 1928. Gift conversion, George C. Hitchcock, 1951.
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