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titleAnne d'Harnoncourt Records, 1973-2008, n.d.
repositoryPhiladelphia Museum of Art
descriptionThe Anne d'Harnoncourt Records correspond to the quarter of a century that Anne d'Harnoncourt (1943-2008) served as the George D. Widener Director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), assuming the additional responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer in 1997. During her tenure, d'Harnoncourt led the Museum through milestones that transformed its collections, exhibitions, curatorial and educational missions, and physical environment. The records she compiled during that time provide the framework for those transformations and underscore the attention to detail, encyclopedic intellect and interests, community commitment and contagious enthusiasm for the arts that characterized d'Harnoncourt's styles of leadership and life. D'Harnoncourt maintained most of her files in large groups of alphabetically arranged names and subjects. Her exhibition records, however, were kept separate, implying an affinity for a subject she learned well during her earlier curatorial years. Other topics for which she held on to her records for extended time periods were the artist Marcel Duchamp, the Museum's Board of Trustees, and a few major projects concerning PMA and other institutions. Documentation consists primarily of correspondence, notes, press clippings, ephemera, reference materials, reports and draft writings. Photographs, phone logs, appointment calendars, floor plans and other drawings are also included.

extent206 linear feet
formatsCorrespondence Clippings Writings Reports Legal Papers
accessThe collection is open for research as follows. Records created before 1997 are open, with exceptions noted at the subseries or folder level. Folders containing some items requiring further restriction are noted as "permanently restricted in part" or "restricted in part." Access to the latter is at the discretion of the archivist. All press clippings, photographs, and transcripts of remarks and lectures are open for research. Records created after 1996 will be subject to a 15-year closure calculated on the last year of designated date spans. Accordingly, 1997-1999 records will become available Jan. 1, 2015; 2000-2003 on Jan. 1, 2019; and 2004-2008 on Jan. 1, 2024.
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