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titleAmerican art auction catalog collection, 1785-1962.
repositoryArchives of American Art
collection titleAuction catalogs from the holdings of various libraries and auction houses in the United States, borrowed for microfilming for AAA's Auction Catalog Project, 1961-1965.

The majority of the catalogs are for auctions held in New York City and Philadelphia, although other locales are represented. Firms with significant numbers of catalogs include: American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, Associated Auctioneers, Bangs & Co., Barker, Benjamin S. Wise, Birch & Son, Bleecker & Van Dyke, C.F. Wetmore, C.G. Sloan & Co., Charles F. Libbie & Co., Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Clarke's Art Galleries, C.W. Brown, Daniel A. Mathews, Davis & Harvey, E. A. Haaseman Galleries, Elder Coin & Curio Company, Elliott, Blakeslee & Noyes, Field, Morris, Fenner & Co., Fifth Avenue Art Galleries, Galton-Orsburn Co., George A. Leavitt & Co., Haseltine Galleries, Henry A. Hartman, Leeds, Miner, Hiram H. Parke, Duveen, Leonard & Co., Hudson's, James P. Silo, J.C. Morgenthau & Co., Kende Galleries, Knickerbocker, Kreiser Gallery, Levy & Spooner, Lewis J. Bird & Co., Lihou Art Gallery, Merwin-Clayton Sales Company, Metropolitian Art Association, Miller & Morris, Monarch, Moore's, M. Thomas & Sons, National Art Galleries, Ortgies & Co., O. Rundle Gilbert, Parke-Bernet, Philadelphia Art Galleries, Plaza Art Auction Galleries, Rains Galleries, Ritter Galleries, Samuel T. Freeman & Co., Savoy, Schenck's Art Gallery, Scott & O'Shaughnessy, Stan V. Henkels, Swann Auction Galleries, Thomas Kirby, Walpole Galleries, William B. Norman, William D. Morley, and Young's Art Gallery; many others were also microfilmed.
extentca. 30,000 items (on 559 microfilm reels)
formatsMicrofilm Auction Catalogs
accessPatrons must use microfilm copy.
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finding aidA list of auction houses and related microfilm reel numbers is available at AAA offices. In addition, the Washington, D.C. reference desk's copy of Harold Lancour's "American Art Auction Catalogs: A Union List" (1944) has been annotated with reel and frame numbers.
acquisition informationLent for microfilming for AAA's Auction Catalog Project, 1961-1965. Among the institutions who participated are the American Antiquarian Society (29 reels), Art Institute of Chicago (2 reels), Boston Public Library (1 reel), Brooklyn Museum (16 reels), Cleveland Museum of Art (2 reels), Cooper Union (21 reels), Enoch Pratt Free Library (1 reel), Huntington Library (1 reel), Library Co. of Philadelphia (1 reel), Library of Congress (1 reel), Metropolitan Museum of Art (25 reels), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, New York Historical Society (23 reels), New York Public Library (284 reels), New York State Library (1 reel), Parke-Bernet Galleries (128 reels), Pennsylvania Historical Society (2 reels), Philadelphia Museum of Art (10 reels), Walters Art Gallery (1 reel), and others.
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titleJudaica auction catalogs : Various : Collection 2.
repositoryHarvard University Archives
collection titleLocation -- Harvard Depository [Consult Judaica Division]

Astor Birnbaum Galleries. Judaica (1966).

O'Reilly's Plaza Art Galleries, Inc. Judaica gold, silver, pewter, brass & other ritual objects from various collections (1968).

Perry's auctioneers. Yudaikah sefarim umanut ve-omanut (1986).

Phillips International Auctioneers & Valuers: Fine Judaica, Hebrew books and works of art: no. 752 (1996); no 763 (1997).

Pine Tree Auction Galleries, Inc.: Abraham Cohen collection of Israel and Judaic bronze, silver, and gold coins (March 1976); Raphael Ellenbogen collection of Palestine, Israel, and Judaic coins, medals, tokens, paper money, fiscal paper, and related materials (May 1976).

Savoy Art & Auction Galleries. Judaica a collection of silver ritual objects (1964).

Sommerset Auctions. Auction of important Judaica & works of art (1993).

Tel-Aviv Stamps (Y. Tsachhor) Ltd. Special Mail Auction (1997).

Yeshivat Ahavat Torah Baranovits Yerushalayim. Auction of important and rare Judaica books, manuscripts, paintings and work of art (1998).

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Judaica auction catalogs : O'Reilly's Plaza Art Galleries, Inc.
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Judaica auction catalogs : Phillips International Auctioneers & Valuers.
Judaica auction catalogs : Pine Tree Auction Galleries, Inc.
Judaica auction catalogs : Savoy Art & Auction Galleries.
Judaica auction catalogs : Sommerset Auctions.
Judaica auction catalogs : Tel-Aviv Stamps (Y. Tsachor) Ltd.
Judaica auction catalogs : Yeshivat Ahavat Torah Baranovits Yerushalayim.
extent1 Box
formatsAuction Catalogs
accessAsk at Judaica Division for access restrictions.
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