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titleAline and Eero Saarinen papers, 1906-1977
repositoryArchives of American Art
collection titlePersonal papers of Aline and Eero Saarinen, and Aline Saarinen papers relating to her unpublished biography of architect Stanford White, her published book The Proud Possessors, and her work as an NBC Television correspondent. Papers relating to Stanford White and to Proud Possessors contain primary source material gathered by Saarinen during her research on White and collectors Edward Wales Root and John Quinn.

REELS 2074-76, and 2064 (photos): Biographical material; Eero Saarinen's sketches, notes and letters; correspondence between Aline and Eero; Aline Saarinen's correspondence, including letters from John McAndrews, Clifford Odets, Robert Osborne, Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph Louchheim, and her children; awards; files on her involvement with the Fine Arts Commission, Yale University, and the Design Advisory Committee of the Federal Aviation Agency; speeches, articles on art and architecture; television scripts; clippings and printed material; notes; and photographs and slides of the Saarinens (2 copyprints are also microfilmed on reel 1817 fr. 1054-1058), Charles Alan, and other family members, friends, works of art, and architecture.

REELS 2069-2072 and 2084 (photos): Research material, 1903-1960, relating to Saarinen's book The Proud Possessors (1958). Included are notes, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and printed material on art collectors Dr. Albert C. Barnes, Dr. Claribel and Etta Cone, Katherine Sophie Dreier, Charles Lang Freer, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Thomas Gilcrease, Peggy Guggenheim, Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Havemeyer, Joseph Hirshhorn, R. Sturgis Ingersoll, John G. Johnson, J. Pierpont Morgan, Mrs. Potter Palmer, John Quinn, the Rockefeller family, Edward Wales Root, Gertrude, Leo, Michael and Sarah Stein, and Electra Havemeyer Webb. Among the correspondents is Bernard Berenson.

The material on Edward Root contains letters to Saarinen from Grace Cogswell Root; correspondence between Root and his father Elihu, 1903-1936; one or more letters to Root, 1909-1936, from Charles Culver, Robert De Forest, Frederick James Gregg, Ernest Lawson, George Luks, Duncan Phillips, and Grace Root; copies of 2 letters to Edward Christiana, 1949; a catalog for a Root memorial exhibition, 1957; Saarinen's notes; and a photograph of Root, one of his home, and photographs of works of art in his collection. Copyrpints also available.

Material on John Quinn includes correspondence between Saarinen and Jeanne Robert Foster; letters to Foster from Quinn and his sister, Julia Anderson; a copy of a letter to Foster from William B. Yeats and a drawing of Quinn possibly by Yeats; material relating to Roger Casement; and photographs of Quinn and Foster, and Quinn with Constantin Brancusi, Picasso and Mme. Picasso, Henri Pierre Roche, and Erik Satie.

REELS 2072-2073 and 2064 (photos): Research material for Saarinen's unpublished biography of Stanford White. Included are: notes, drafts; correspondence with her publisher, scholars, friends and relatives of White, architects, and others; printed material, 1896-1968; McKim, Mead and White memoranda and correspondence, 1887-1906, much of it with Whitelaw Reid; a letter from Charles Lang Freer, 1900; contracts; architectural descriptions and copies of blueprints; a record book; and miscellaneous letters and documents. Letters from White's father, Richard Grant White, to his daughter-in-law Bessie, Bessie White's reminiscenses of Stanford, and her scrapbook on the Washington Centennial and White's Washington Arch are also included.

Photographs include over 300, 1878-ca. 1970, of White, his wife; his father and mother; Evelyn Nesbit; his clients, Anne, Louise and Robert Cheney; and 280 photographs of buildings and residences designed by White or McKim, Mead and White, many photographed by Wayne Andrews.

UNMICROFILMED: Primarily papers kept by Aline Saarinen while a NBC television correspondent reporting on mainly art related topics. Included are correspondence, printed material, notes, scripts, clippings, kinescope motion picture film, including "Eyes Opening", transferred to VHS, and photographs. Also included are printed material on Eero Saarinen, and photographs of his work.

ADDITION: Notebooks containing Aline Saarinen's notes on architecture, art collectors and Stanford White; printed material; Saarinen's journal, 1928-1932; a guest book; photographs; scripts for Venus in Venice (1964), The American Image and other writings. Three phonograph recordings (33 1/3) of a discussion on opera between Eero Saarinen, Professor H. Ingham Ashworth and Professor Leslie Martin on the Australian Braodcasting Commission, January 29, 1957 are not available for research use.
extent13.5 linear ft. (partially microfilmed on 10 reels)
formatsCorrespondence Notes Sketches Photographs Clippings
accessCollection is being processed and digitized, and is closed to researchers. Access is to microfilmed material only. NBC TV material: Authorization to quote from scripts or film prepared for television must be cleared for rights with: NBC Studios, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y.
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acquisition informationDonated in 1973 by the Aline Saarinen estate via Charles Alan, art dealer and brother of Saarinen. The NBC TV material was donated 1974 by NBC Studios. Additional material donated 1991 by the Parrish Art Museum, who had received it from Aline Saarinen.
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titleAbstract art around the world today: transcript, 1954 Mar. 16.
repositoryArchives of American Art
collection titleA tape-recording of a forum presented by the American Abstract Artists at the Museum of Modern Art. Panel members include Josef Albers, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Saburo Hasegawa, Franz Kline, George L. K. Morris, and Aline Saarinen with Henry Botkin as moderator.

Art association; New York, N.Y.

Botkin, Albers, Barr, Hasegawa, and Kline are on tape 1. Morris, Saarinen and others are on tape 2
extent2 sound tapes ; 7 in. (37 p. transcript)
formatsSound Recording Transcript
accessContact repository for restrictions and policies.
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titleMuseum of Modern Art exhibition correspondence concerning Eero Saarinen, 1958-1959.
repositoryThe Museum of Modern Art
collection titleCorrespondence with Eero Saarinen and Associates regarding "Architecture and Imagery - Four New Buildings," in which Saarinen's design for the TWA building was exhibited, 1959. Correspondents include Saarinen and his wife, Aline, Arthur Drexler and Wilder Green of MOMA, and William H. Gardner, on Saarinen's staff.
extent12 items (on partial microfilm reel)
accesscontact repository for restrictions
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acquisition informationArthur Drexler, Director of MOMA's Department of Architecture and Design, donated these papers, 1971.
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titleTheodore Roszak papers 1928-1981.
repositoryArchives of American Art
collection titleCorrespondence, printed material, photographs, sketches, writings, financial material and interviews.
REEL N69-54: Scrapbooks; exhibition catalogs, articles and clippings from the London Eagle; biographical data; and writings, including THE ARTS AND THE UNIVERSITY: A SYMPOSIUM.

REEL N69-66: Correspondence, Christmas cards and telegrams; exhibition catalogs and publications; photographs of art work and projects; and references to Roszak in Whitney Museum publications.
REEL N69-81: Correspondence; talks and taped interviews; notes; press releases and statements.

REEL 2134-2136: Correspondence with museums, art organizations and Alfred Barr, Lloyd Goodrich, Pierre Matisse, Eero and Aline Saarinen, David Smith and Frederick Sweet; subject files containing correspondence, printed material, sketches, blueprints (not microfilmed) and financial material for the U.S. Embassy in London and the J. F. Kennedy memorial grave; biographical material; writings, speeches and interviews; exhibition catalogs, announcements and clippings; and photographs of Roszak and his sculpture.

UNMICROFILMED: An exhibition catalog of Roszak's drawings, 1981; 16 photographs and negatives of works by Alexander Calder, Julio Gonzalez, Richard Lippold, Ezio Martinelli, and David Smith; and a negative of David Smith's studio.

Bio / His Notes:
Sculptor, painter, designer, decorator, lithographer, teacher, craftsperson; New York City. Born in Poland. Died in 1981. Studied at the National Academy of Design. Member of American Artists Congress. Teacher at Laboratory School of Industrial Design, N.Y.

extent2.7 linear ft. (partially microfilmed on 6 reels)
formatsMicrofilm Drawings Financial Records Correspondence Writings
accessMicrofilmed portion must be consulted on microfilm. Use of unmicrofilmed portion requires an appointment and is limited to the Washington, D.C. storage facility
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acquisition informationMaterial on reels N69-54, N69-66 & N69-81 lent for microfilming by Theodore Roszak, 1969. Material on reels 2134-2136 donated by Roszak, 1980. Unmicrofilmed material donated by Sara Jane Roszak, Theodore's daughter, 1983.
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