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titleHenry Gilpin papers, 1853-1854.
repositoryArchives of American Art
descriptionLetters and journals written during Gilpin's European tour, 1853-1854, describing his tour, visits to museums and art collections, and purchases of art works.

Location of Original: Originals in: Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
extent2 partial microfilm reels. reels 4561-4562
formatsCorrespondence Diaries Financial Records
accessPatrons must use microfilm copy. Authorization to publish, quote or reproduce must be obtained from: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1300 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107.
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acquisition informationLent for microfilming by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1991, as part of AAA's Philadelphia Arts Documentation Project.
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titleMaria and Elizabeth Gilpin Collection, 1739-1878.
repositoryThe Historical Society of Pennsylvania
descriptionA miscellany of correspondence and legal documents of the Gilpin family of Philadelphia, concerned largely with the land and property affairs of Richard and Mary Penn and Mary's sister, Sarah Masters; of Joshua Gilpin, his sons, William and Henry Dilworth, and his brother, Thomas, a paper manufacturer. Tench Francis was agent for many of these transactions. Correspondents include Richard Penn, Edward Livingston, John Forsyth, and Senator John Dix (D-NY). Also letters, author unidentified, seeking a consular appointment; Continental loan certificates, and maps of the Brandywine Manufacturing Company of Wilmington, Delaware, n.d., and of Indiana County, PA, Gilpin land tracts, 1838.

Subject(s): Forsyth, John, 1780-1841.
Francis, Tench, 1730-1800.
Gilpin, Henry D. (Henry Dilworth), 1801-1860.
Gilpin, Joshua, 1765-1841.
Gilpin, Thomas, 1776-1853.
Gilpin, William, 1813-1894.
Livingston, Edward, 1764-1836.
Masters, Sarah, b. 1781.
Penn, Mary, b. 1756.
Penn, Richard, ca. 1736-1811.
Dix, John A. (John Adams), 1798-1879.
Brandywine Manufacturing and Banking Company.
Real estate investment.
Real property, Colonial.
Wilmington (Del.)
Indiana County (Pa.)
extent125 items.
formatsCorrespondence Legal Files Ephemera
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acquisition informationGift of Maria and Elizabeth Gilpin, 1923.
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titleGilpin Family Papers, 1727-1872.
repositoryThe Historical Society of Pennsylvania
descriptionThe papers of a family distinguished in scholarship, commerce, and political leadership. Most of the papers are those of Henry D. Gilpin, whose long and varied career makes his papers particularly informative on many aspects of national history. His correspondence includes letters from Martin Van Buren, 1836-1862; James Buchanan, 1839-1856; George M. Dallas, 1831-1859; Edward Everett, 1831-1861; T. F. Bayard, George Peabody, Edward Livingston, Henry Clay, Richard Rush, Charles Gallagher, George Bancroft, Gouverneur Kemble, John W. Forney, J. B. Francis, Benjamin Chew, Joseph Reed Ingersoll, General Winfield Scott, and others, 1819-1872.

In addition to Gilpin family items, the collection includes groups of papers of the following: Joel R. Poinsett, James Wilkinson, Daniel Clark, William Short, James Brown, and David Porter. Henry D. Gilpin's papers: letters to his father, Joshua Gilpin, 1822-1841; correspondence with his family, 1824-1843; letter books, 1831-1833, 1846-1849; diaries, 1822-1859; docket book, United States district attorney, 1828-1833; United States district attorney, letters and correspondence, 1832-1838; United States Bank papers, 1833, 1836-1837, contains correspondence of Henry D. Gilpin, director and examiner of the Bank, with Andrew Jackson, Edward Livingston, Louis McLane, George M. Dallas, R. M. Whitney, William J. Duane, Roger B. Taney, Nicholas Biddle, Levi Woodbury, John M. Sullivan, and others, on illegal transactions of the institution, misuses of Bank funds, diversion of funds for propaganda purposes, withdrawal of public deposits from the Bank, etc. Henry D. Gilpin's letters written during his tour through Europe, 1853-1854; his journals of that tour, 1853-1854; correspondence while in Florence, Italy, which discloses his interest in art, 1853-1854; correspondence, 1856-1858; scrapbook, Henry D. Gilpin, "Governor of Michigan," 1834, Gilpin's journalistic and literary talents are shown in his manuscripts of biographical sketches of the lives of signers of the Declaration of Independence, 1826; literary reviews of current and contemporaneous publications, 1829-1830; notes on current topics and literature, 1828-1831,; memoranda, catalogue references on bibliography and literature, n.d.; miscellaneous printed matter pertaining to the University of Pennsylvania, and kindred subjects, 1825-1864; his magazine, The Atlantic Souvenir, Christmas and New Year's Offering, 1828, Philadelphia, and other publications; letters of condolence, tributes, eulogies received by Mrs. Henry D. Gilpin upon the death of her husband, 1860; Mrs. Gilpin's publication, A Memorial of Henry D. Gilpin, 1860; letters from prominent persons acknowledging receipt of her book, 1861. The papers of Joshua and Thomas Gilpin pertain to domestic, commercial, and industrial affairs: Joshua Gilpin correspondence, 1795-1841; 1797-1815; general correspondence, 1800-1822; family letters from England, 1824-1830; Bainbridge and Brown, London, legal correspondence with Joshua Gilpin, 1809-1834; John Bainbridge vs. Benjamin Chew of Philadelphia, papers in a legal suit, 1809-1831; Thomas Gilpin correspondence, 1769-1817; contracts and agreements for sales of lands in Virginia, 1769-1811; Alexander Taylor field notes of surveys for Joshua and Thomas Gilpin, 1802-1812; papers on western lands, 1770-1780; contracts and agreements for sales of land in Pennsylvania, 1800-1817; Luzurne lands, 1808-1852; letter book of Joshua and Thomas Gilpin containing the accounts of Gilpin and Fisher, 1800-1818; Thomas Gilpin journals, eastern states, 1805; New England, 1805; West, 1809; Chester and Duck Creek surveys, estimates, maps, on building canals, 1772; pamphlets on the construction of canals, railroads, tunnels, maps, printed in England, 1789-1835; maps of projected English railroads and canals, London, 1832-1835; collection of specimens of bank-note paper and of engraved currency, manufactured at Brandywine Mills, Del., n.d.

Richard Gilpin's manuscripts include material on papermaking machinery, 1815; his philosophical and literary essays, n.d.; notes on history, theatre, astrology, religion, literature, transportation, canals, agriculture, travel, etc., 1813-1828; poetic notes, 1799-1818; "Pieces in Verse and Prose," by Joshua Gilpin, essays on medical science, hygiene, politics, history, etc., 1796-1806; Joshua Gilpin's history of the colonies and the State of Delaware, n.d.; essays on the manufacture of woolen goods, n.d.; "Wool and Cotton Manufacture, Sheep and Other Subjects Connected," 1815; "Report on the Manufacturers of the State of Delaware, and a Report of the History and Principles of Tariff and Public Labor," n.d.; "Report on the Economic Condition of Philadelphia and Other Subjects," 1809; "History of the Colonization of America and of the Charter and Grant of Pennsylvania and Delaware," n.d.; copies of letters of Thomas Fisher, and some additional notes, 1840; journals and diary notes of travel, unidentified, 1836-1858; manuscript copy of "Barremore," a novelette by Bernard Gilpin, anecdotes, etc., n.d.; maps of ancient Greece, engraved by Barbie du Bocage, 1781-88. In addition, there are parchments of the marriage settlement between the Gilpin and the Dilworth families, patents of lands, deeds, etc., 1776-1834; the genealogical records and notes of the Gilpins consist of: "Memoir of the Life of Thomas Gilpin,: 1769; "Family in England," 1795; "Memories in England," n.d.; genealogical memoranda, 1206-1811; "Memories in America," 1800; and some other items. Joel R. Poinsett items fall into two chronological groups: correspondence, 1794-1829, describes his school life in Connecticut and England, travel in Russia, social life, and political activity in Mexico and South America during revolutionary upheavals there; correspondence, 1829-1850, relates to nullification and secession movements in South Carolina, split and strife in the Democratic Party, abolition and slavery, political influence of John C. Calhoun, Baltimore convention, Indian affairs and Indian warfare in the Floridas, war with Mexico, western expansion, statehood of California, discovery of gold there, organization of the Smithsonian Institution, army reorganization, building and financing of railroads, agricultural innovations, arts and sciences.

Included with the Poinsett papers are approx. 40 letters of David Porter, most of them addressed to Poinsett, concerning Porter's service in the Mexican navy, 1825-1827. James Wilkinson vs. Daniel Clark papers, 1788-1808, relate to a legal controversy between the ally of Aaron Burr in Louisiana and another speculator; they contain information on commercial enterprises in the Mississippi valley, extensions of frontiers, navigation of the Mississippi, conspiracy and rebellion in Louisiana and the Floridas, and life in New Orleans. Papers, 1786-1801, of William Short, United States chargé d'affaires in Paris and secretary to Thomas Jefferson while he was a minister to France, relate to the French Revolution, European politics, and United States diplomacy; the letters are addressed to Jefferson, John Jay, John Rutledge, Gouverneur Morris, Lafayette, Edmund Randolph, James Monroe, Thomas Pinckney, David Humphreys, William Nelson, and others. Letters, 1824-1835, of James Brown, minister to France, are addressed mainly to Edward Livingston, and deal with politics in France and Spain. Brown's commercial interests in Louisiana, and American politics.
extent15 linear ft.
formatsCorrespondence Legal Papers Business Papers Scrapbooks
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bibliographyPublished in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography; 1926, p. 64-78, 163-178, 380-382; 1927, p. 172-190, 351-375; 1928, p.29-58.
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acquisition informationGift of the Henry D. Gilpin estate
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titleMiner Kilbourne Kellogg papers, 1842-1882.
repositoryArchives of American Art
descriptionCorrespondence, photographs, writings, a scrapbook, and printed materials.
REELS D30 and D33: Correspondence, clippings, and photographs. Included are letters from George William Curtis to Kellogg, October 1846-January 1847, describing Rome (incorrectly attributed to George Washington Parke Custis on microfilm); a letter from Elisha Whittlesey to George Washington Parke Custis, October 23, 1844, commending Miner Kellogg to him; and correspodence dealing with Kellogg's activities as a promoter of Hiram Powers' statue "The Greek Slave" in the mid-nineteenth century.
Correspondents include: Park Benjamin, Sir Stratford Canning, Luigi P. Cesnola, Lewis G. Clark, Edward Everett, Charles E.A. Gayarré, Henry D. Gilpin, Rufus W. Griswold, Reverdy Johnson, Phillip Kearny, Caroline M. Kirkland, Lenox Library, William C. MacReady, Brinsley Marlay, George P. Marsh, National Academy of Design, Theophilus Parsons, Joel R. Poinsett, Vinnie Ream Hoxie, Samuel H. Russell, Mrs. Winfield Scott, Ellen E. Sherman, John Slidell, Lady Virginia Somers (godmother of Kellogg's daughter Virginia), Bayard Taylor, Osmond Tiffany, Henry T. Tuckerman, W. I. Wall, and R. Wickliffe, Jr.
REEL 986: Scrapbook of clippings, collected by Kellogg from New York, Washington, Baltimore and Ohio newspapers. Some clippings were written by Kellogg, including stories about his own paintings, advertisements for his patent canvas stretcher, reports by him on his travel in foreign countries, and article on Hiram Powers, the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1880), Jane Eyre, Emanuel Swedenborg, the Cleveland Academy of Art, art unions, and fireproof buildings. Also included is a copy of a paper, "Fine arts in the United States" given by Kellogg in 1869 to the American Union Academy, Washington, D.C., and a booklet, "Mr. Miner K. Kellogg to his friends," Paris, 1858, describing his relationship with Powers.

Bio / His Notes:
Portrait painter, miniature painter, and orientalist; New York, N.Y. and Cincinnati, Ohio.
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acquisition informationMaterial on reels D30 and D33 purchased 1956 from an unknown source. Material on reel 986 transfered from Smithsonian Institution Archives, 1974.
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titleSales Catalogs, 1876-1879.
repositoryThe Historical Society of Pennsylvania
descriptionManuscript copy of sales catalogs with notes on prices sold for books and art objects. Auction houses include Birch & Son, and M. Thomas & Sons. Noted libraries being sold include those of George Washington, Bushrod Washington, George Hammersly and Henry D. Gilpin.

Call Number: (PHi)Am .0035
extent1 v.; 21 cm.
formatsAuction Catalogs
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acquisition informationGift of Mrs. Hampton L. Carson, 1931.
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