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titleCorrespondence to Van Wyck Brooks, 1918-1949.
repositoryUniversity of Pennsylvania
collection titlecorrespondence, manuscripts, and diaries, 1898-1963, concerning the life and career of the essayist.

Contained in: Van Wyck Brooks Papers. Folder 15

Location: Rare Book & Ms Library Manuscripts
Call Number: Ms. Coll. 650
extent3 items (3 leaves)
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titleSamuel H. Adams Papers 1905-1990 [1905-1958]
repositoryHamilton College Library
collection titleCorrespondence with Hamilton College alumni, friends, and prominent theatrical, literary, journalistic, and political personalities; typrescripts of Adams' novels. Also collection of materials related to S.H. Adams and his family including Myron Adams, Samuel Hopkins, Samuel Miles Hopkins; correspondence, books, photographs.

Biographical/Historical Note:
Author and journalist. Adams was an important member of the staffs of McClure’s and Collier’s magazines during the muckraking days and was active in exposing medical frauds and instrumental in bringing about the Pure Food and Drug Act (1906). Adams used fictional settings in a long series of books dealing with the American background and such issues as dishonest journalism (The Clarion, 1914) and the Harding administration scandals (Revelry, 1926) and wrote the Average Jones stories.
extent4 boxes, 1 file drawer.
formatsCorrespondence Photographs Printed Materials
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titleAugust Jaccaci papers, 1889-1935 (bulk 1904-1914).
repositoryArchives of American Art
collection titleLetters, mostly concerning Jaccaci's joint editorship with John La Farge of the book, Noteworthy Paintings in American Collections; typescript pages of research material relating to the book and photographs (unmicrofilmed) of works of art. The papers cover the one published volume as well as the unrealized volumes. Also included are photographs of early American wall stencils.

The collection documents Jaccaci's work as an art historian, writer, and editor, primarily during the period he researched, compiled, and published his book, "Noteworthy Paintings in Private American Collections." More than one-half of the collection consists of extensive correspondence to and from many notable artists, collectors, and art historians, including John La Farge, Kenyon Cox, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and Bernard Sickert concerning the research and publication of the book. The papers also house legal files, writings and notes, art collection research files, and photographs of artwork.

Correspondents include art historians, critic, artists, and art collectors, as well as publishers, photographers, printers, and agents. These letters discuss the research of famous American art collections, writing of essays for the book, and the book production and publication. There is extensive correspondence with his co-editor John La Farge, and with his employee Carl Snyder who was working in Europe. Other correspondence is with magazines, art associations, academic institutions, and French service organizations. Also included is a small amount of personal correspondence with friends and colleagues.

Correspondents, many of whom were contributors, include Samuel H. Adams, American Academy in Rome, R. B. Angus, Sir Walter Armstrong, John W. Beatty, Cecilia Beaux, Bernard Berenson, Ernest L. Blumenschein, Wilhelm Bode, Louis De Monvel Boutet, James Britton, George De Forest Brush, Bryson Burroughs, Charles H. Caffin, Alexis Carrel, Mary Cassatt, Willa Cather, John Jay Chapman, Sir Martin Conway, Kenyon Cox, Eyre Crowe, Elsie De Wolfe, William H. Downes, Charles L. Freer, Daniel C. French, Max Friedlander, Roger Fry, Isabella Gardner, Jules Guiffrey, Jay Hambidge, Charles Henry Hart, James J. Hill, Lewis C. Hind, Sir Charles J. Holmes, Elbert Hubbard, James Huneker, Samuel Isham, Thayer Jaccaci, Bettina E. Johnson, John La Farge, Oliver La Farge, Ernest Lawson, Will H. Low, Frank J. Mather, Henry McCarter, Samuel McClure, Francis D. Millet, Paul E. More, George F. Of, Ivan Olinsky, Walter Pach, Ernest Peixotto, Elizabeth Pennell, Michael I. Pupin, Jean F. Raffaelli, Salomon Reinach, Henry Reuterdahl, Corrado Ricci, Jean P. Richter, Gisela M. Richter, Frederic Sherman, Bernhard Sickert, Osvald Siren, Joseph L. Steffens, Ida Tarbell, Anne Taylor, Carl Taylor, Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, Wilhelm Valentiner, John C. Van Dyke, Adolfo Venturi, J. Alden Weir, John F. Weir, William A. White, Helen H. Whitney, and Rufus Zogbaum.

Research material includes information on the following collections: R. B. Angus, George Baker, Charles T. Barney, August Belmont, Chauney J. Blair, Cleveland Burke, A. M. Byers, Thomas M. Davis, G. A. Drummond, William L. Elkins, James W. Ellsworth, Henry Clay Frick, Isabella S. Gardner, J. W. Gates, George Jay Gould, L. C. Hanna, Henry O.Havemeyer, John Hay, James J. Hill, Charles L Hutchinson, Hyers, John J. Johnson, Mr. Lodge, Frank G. Logan, Cyrus Hall and R. Hall McCormick, James H. McFadden, Emerson McMillan, Samuel Mather, Frank G. Morgan, Horace Morison, Ada Brooks Pope, James Ross, Martin A. Ryerson, Albert A. Sprague, Charles W. Taft, Herbert L. Terrell, Edward R. Thomas, William H. Vanderbilt, William Van Horne, J. H. Wade, Harris Whittemore and P. A. B. Widener. Also included (reel D126) are photographs of early American wall stencils. Forty-eight unmicrofilmed photographs of works of art are from the Henry C. Frick, William Van Horne, and P. A. B. Widener files.

Legal files include contracts and legal agreements for the August F. Jaccaci Company, as well as legal agreements with John La Farge concerning the research and publication of their joint book. Writings and notes include Jaccaci's lists and notes pertaining to the Noteworthy Paintings project, as well as other miscellaneous notes. Also found are writings by John La Farge that include drafts of a book, lectures, and notes about his artwork. Writings by others in this series also include draft essays by many art historians for Jaccaci's book. For the Noteworthy Paintings project, Jaccaci created numerous research files for American art collections and collectors that would be included. These research files include lists of works of art, essays and other notes about the collection written by prominent art historians. Photographs are of works of art supporting the research files. Also found in this collection are photographs of and notes about New England stencil designs. It is unclear what the connection is between Jaccaci and the stencil designs.

Jaccaci, Augusto Floriano, 1857-1930.
Beaux, Cecilia,; 1855-1942.
Berenson, Bernard,; 1865-1959.
Blumenschein, Ernest Leonard,; 1874-1960.
Bode, Wilhelm von,; 1845-1929.
Boutet de Monvel, Louis-Maurice,; 1851-1913.
Britton, James,; 1878-1936.
Brush, George de Forest,; 1855-1941.
Burroughs, Bryson,; 1869-1934.
Caffin, Charles Henry,; 1854-1918.
Carrel, Alexis,; 1873-1944.
Cassatt, Mary,; 1844-1926.
Cather, Willa,; 1873-1947.
Chapman, John Jay,; 1862-1933.
Conway, William Martin,; Sir,; 1856-1937.
Cox, Kenyon,; 1856-1919.
Crowe, Eyre,; Sir,; 1864-1925.
De Wolfe, Elsie,; 1865-1950.
Downes, William Howe,; 1854-1941.
Freer, Charles Lang,; 1856-1919.
French, Daniel Chester,; 1850-1931.
Friedländer, Max J.,; 1867-1958.
Fry, Roger Eliot,; 1866-1934.
Gardner, Isabella Stewart,; 1840-1924.
Guiffrey, Jules,; 1840-1918.
Hambidge, Jay,; 1867-1924.
Hart, Charles Henry,; 1847-1918.
Hill, James Jerome,; 1838-1916.
Hind, C. Lewis; 1862-1927. ; (Charles Lewis),
Holmes, C. J.; 1868-1936. ; (Charles John),
Hubbard, Elbert,; 1856-1915.
Huneker, James,; 1857-1921.
Isham, Samuel,; 1855-1914.
Jaccaci, Thayer.
Johnson, Bettina Eastman.
La Farge, John,; 1835-1910.
La Farge, Oliver,; 1901-1963.
Lawson, Ernest,; 1873-1939.
Low, Will Hicok,; 1853-1932.
Mather, Frank Jewett,; 1868-1953.
McCarter, Henry,; 1866-1942.
McClure, S. S.; 1857-1949. ; (Samuel Sidney),
Millet, Francis Davis,; 1846-1912.
More, Paul Elmer,; 1864-1937.
Of, George F.; b. 1876. ; (George Ferdinand),
Olinsky, Ivan G.; 1878-1962. ; (Ivan Gregorewitch),
Pach, Walter,; 1883-1958.
Peixotto, Ernest,; b. 1869.
Pennell, Elizabeth Robins,; 1855-1936.
Pupin, Michael Idvorsky,; 1858-1935.
Raffaëlli, Jean François,; 1850-1924.
Reinach, Salomon,; 1858-1932.
Reuterdahl, Henry,; 1871-1925.
Ricci, Corrado,; 1858-1934.
Richter, Gisela Marie Augusta,; 1882-1972.
Richter, Jean Paul,; 1847-1937.
Sherman, Frederic Fairchild,; 1874-1940.
Sickert, Bernard,; 1862-1932.
Sirén, Osvald,; 1879-
Steffens, Lincoln,; 1866-1936.
Tarbell, Ida M.; 1857-1944. ; (Ida Minerva),
Taylor, Anne.
Taylor, Carl.
Teixeira de Mattos, Alexander,; 1865-1921.
Valentiner, Wilhelm Reinhold,; 1880-1958.
Van Dyke, John Charles,; 1856-1932.
Venturi, Adolfo,; 1856-1941.
Weir, Julian Alden,; 1852-1919.
Weir, John F.; b. 1841. ; (John Ferguson),
White, William Allen,; 1868-1944.
Whitney, Helen Hay,; 1875-1944.
Zogbaum, Rufus F.,; 1849-1925.
Adams, Samuel Hopkins,; 1871-1958.
Angus, R. B.
Armstrong, Walter,; Sir,; 1850-1918.
Beatty, John W.; 1851-1924. ; (John Wesley)

Bio / His Notes:
Jaccaci, a mural painter and writer, was born in France and came to the United States in the 1880s. He and painter John La Farge were editors for what they hoped would be a multi-volume series to be called Noteworthy Paintings in Private Collections. The first volume was published in 1907, but with the untimely death of La Farge, Jaccaci abandoned the project.
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acquisition informationPapers were purchased from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which had acquired them for director Francis Henry Taylor's research for Taste of Angels.
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titleStewart Hall Holbrook papers, 1904-1965.
repositoryUniversity of Washington Libraries
collection titleCorrespondence, literary manuscripts and other writings, diary, research material, speeches, notes, publications, ephemera, clippings, diploma, maps, and film (1904-1964); audiotape of Holbrook's speech for the Lincoln PTA (1959). Major correspondents include Samuel Hopkins Adams, Lucius Beebe, Ralph Chaplin, George N. Dale, H.L. Davis, Bernard De Voto, Nard Jones, Radium LaVene, Sinclair Lewis, H.L. Mencken, Robert S. Monahan, James Stevens, the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, the Oregon Historical Society, and Holbrook's publishers, agents, and editors.

Pacific Northwest writer, historian, and painter./ Stewart Holbrook worked as a clerk in logging camps after WWI, and wrote wrote articles and popular cartoons for the "British Columbia Lumberman" at night. He move to Portland in 1923, and there enjoyed success both editing and writing stories and freelance articles until the stock market crash shrunk the popular fiction market. His first book, "Holy Old Mackinaw", was published in 1938 and a huge success. He moved to Boston and began producing a steady stream of books on a variety of historical subjects, establishing him as one of the country's most popular historians. He purposely set himself apart from academic history and worked to resurrect important individuals that he felt were neglected by traditional, academic historians. He returned to the Pacific Northwest in the 1940's to head the "Keep Washington Green" organization, while continuing to write popular history, forest history, and crime novels, and beginning a second career as the popular oil painter, "Mr. Otis". He died in 1964./ Reproduction: Microfilm./ Seattle, Wash. :/ University of Washington Libraries,/ 1970./ 3 microfilm reels : negative ; 35 mm.
extent34.5 cubic ft. (59 boxes) 3 microfilm reels : negative. 1 sound cassette.
formatsCorrespondence Diaries Ephemera Research Files Writings
accessOpen to all users. This material is not available for use on Saturdays. Restrictions might exist on reproduction, quotation, or publication. Contact Special Collections for details.
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titleSamuel Hopkins Adams Collection, 1921-1958.
repositorySyracuse University Libraries
collection titlePredominantly incoming and outgoing business correspondence with agents and editors concerning Adams’ literary works; typescripts of articles, stories, and novels; and photographs.

Correspondence includes that with Brandt & Brandt; Horace B. Liveright of Boni and Liveright; Bennett Cerf and Saxe Commins of Random House; Thomas B. Costain of Doubleday, Doran & Company; Houghton Mifflin Company; Frank G. Slaughter; Merle Thorpe; Irita Van Doran; and Stewart Edward White.

Biographical/Historical Note:
American author, journalist.

Bird-Spec Coll, Manuscripts
extent5.0 linear ft.
formatsCorrespondence Printed Materials
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titleJames Taylor Dunn and family papers, (bulk 1860-1993).
repositoryMinnesota Historical Society
collection titleCorrespondence, genealogical data, family histories, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, art works wills, and other materials relating to librarian and local historian (Marine-on-St. Croix, Minn.) James Taylor Dunn, his family, and the following collateral families: Curran, Garrett, Grigg, Hall, Langford, Monfort, Sweeting, Taylor, and Bach. Members of the Dunn, Monfort, Langford, and Taylor families emigrated to Minnesota from New York State and Pennsylvania in the 1850s and 1860s.

The collection contains a wealth of information on the activities of upper middle class, well-educated, well-traveled families, articulate in describing their lives and activities, and aware of family history and background. Sections of particular interest are those containing the papers of Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of U.S. Consul (Winnipeg) James Wickes Taylor. Taylor, who traveled extensively in Northern Canada and Europe, particularly the Faroe Islands, left many detailed letters and diaries and art work describing her life in those countries. The papers of John Warner Grigg Dunn, his wife Alice Monfort Dunn, and their three sons, John, Jr., Montfort, and James Taylor, consititute the major component of the collection.

There are diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, and correspondence detailing the family's European travels; hunting, fishing, and outdoor life in Pennsylvania and Minnesota; John Jr.'s and James Taylor's World War II service; and the family's lifelong interest in the preservation of the St. Croix River valley (Minn. and Wis.) area.

Also included are literary manuscripts, correspondence, artwork, and other papers relating to the "Globe" magazine, which was edited and published by John, Jr. and his two brothers (1937-1941). There are letters and manuscripts from such authors as Ludwig Bemelmans, Ezra Pound, and Henry Miller.
extent33.5 cu. ft. (32 boxes)
formatsCorrespondence Diaries Scrapbooks Photographs Works of Art
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