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titleHopkinson family selected papers, 1765-1859.
repositoryArchives of American Art
descriptionLetters, 1766-1767, from Francis Hopkinson regarding his stay with Benjamin West; letters, 1817-1840, to Joseph Hopkinson from or regarding artists, among them Clevenger, C.R. Leslie, Thomas Sully, Benjamin Trott, and John Trumbull (2 letters regarding sales to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the work of Benjamin West); letters from Hopkinson's tenure as President of the PAFA relating to exhibitions, purchases, donations and acquisitions including Murillo's "Roman Daughter" and other works by American and European artists, complaints from artists, loans and gifts from Hopkinson to other collections, the commission of a series of medals of generals based on paintings by Thomas Sully and Moritz Furst;
letters relating to Joseph Bonaparte, Count of Survilliers whom Hopkinson represented in legal and art matters, including requests for gifts from the Count's collection; an early biographial sketch of Joseph Hopkinson, and a list of the contents of the Bordentown house.

Co-Creator: Trumbull, John, 1756-1843
Hopkinson, Joseph, 1770-1842
Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791
extent1 partial microfilm reel. reel 4560
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acquisition informationMicrofilmed in 1991 as part of AAA's Philadelphia Arts Documentation Project. Bound by the family in volumes, which are not chronological and later donated to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Only the art related materials were filmed from the approximately 6 linear feet of papers. Originals in: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
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titleHopkinson family Papers, 1735-1863.
repositoryThe Historical Society of Pennsylvania
descriptionThe Hopkinson papers cover four generation. The collection consists principally of incoming correspondence, but there is also some outgoing correspondence, documents, manuscript notes, and miscellany.

The first generation is represented by the incoming correspondence, 1735-1747, of Thomas Hopkinson, and pertain mainly to his activities as an importing merchant. There are a few incoming letters, 1754-1766, to his wife Mary Johnson Hopkinson, and 3 letters from Benjamin Franklin. The papers of Francis Hopkinson, includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, 1765-1789, and a few manuscript notes. Among his correspondents are: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Morris, and George Washington. The bulk of the collection is Joseph Hopkinson's correspondence, 1815-1842. Joseph Bonaparte's letters to Hopkinson and his wife are mostly personal, but there is some mention of Bonaparte's financial intersts while living in the United States. Other correspondents are eminent politicians and other nineteenth century figures among whom are: John Quincy Adams; Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams; Henry Baldwin, jurist; Samuel Rossiter Betts, jurist; Horace Binney, lawyer and congressman,; John C. Calhoun; Henry Clay; Peter S. DuPonceau, authority on international law and practice; Edward Everett; William Gaston, jurist; Henry Dilworth Gilpin, lawyer and U.S. attorney general; Marquis de Lafayette; Louis McLane, U.S. senator, secretary of treasury, minister to Britain; John Marshall; Richard Peters, lawyer; Joel Roberts Poinsett, diplomat and secretary of war; Richard Rush, politician and diplomat; John Sergeant, lawyer and congressman; Jared Sparks, editor and historian; Richard Stockton, lawyer and congressman; Joseph D. Story, jurist; Robert Walsh, author and editor; Bushrod Washington, jurist; and Daniel Webster. There are additional Joseph Hopkinson family and personal letters, notes, typescripts of essays, and materials relating to "Hail Columbia." Hopkinson, an admirer of Alexander Hamilton, presumably collected the few Hamilton papers, 1794-1802, which include letters concerning military and political matters and a proposal for a military academy.

There is also personal and family correspondence of Emily Mifflin Hopkinson, Joseph's wife. The papers, 1853-1878, of Oliver Hopkinson consist primarily of Civil War correspondence relating to his service with the 1st Regiment, Delaware Volunteers, and then the 51st Regiment Infantry, Pennsylvania Militia.

extent3 ft. and 19 vols.
formatsCorrespondence Manuscript Notes Ephemera
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acquisition informationGift of Edward Hopkinson, Jr., 1946-1948
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