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Wunder, Richard P.
Richard P. Wunder collected Master Drawings, was an appraiser at...

1923-2002 La Jolla CA Scholar/Critic/Expert Collector
Wunderlich, Rudolf
Rudolf Gerold Wunderlich was an art dealer, co-owner and...

1920-2004 Laguna Woods CA Dealer/Gallery
Wurtzburger, Alan
Alan Wurtzburger was a real estate investor and art collector...

1900-1963 Baltimore MD Collector
Wurtzburger, Janet, 1908-1973
Janet Wurtzburger was married to the Baltimore real estate investor...

1908-1973 Baltimore MD Collector
Wurtzburger, Jon Alan
Jon Wurtzburger is an art collector, pilot, former stockbroker (retired...

1934- New York City NY Collector
Wynkoop, Gerardus Hilles
Dr. Gerardus Hilles Wynkoop formed a collection of Modern paintings...

1843-1909 New York City NY Collector
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